Introducing LG Denim DIY Winner Dora Lee

Remember when I posted about the LG Denim DIY Contest a while back? Well, the competition has run its course and I'm happy to say that a Vancouver contestant took top prize. Theodora Lee, or Dora, beat entrants from across the country to win the coveted opportunity of designing jeans for Sears's nationwide Nevada line. Not too shabby for a girl who's just graduating from Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Fashion Design program! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dora.

Solo Lisa: How did you first become interested in fashion design?
Dora: My mom used to make my brother’s and my clothes when we were little. When I was a little girl, I used to draw pictures of dresses for my Barbies and my mom would bring the drawings to life by making the little dresses for me. Throughout high school, I excelled in home economics class in textiles. It was in grade 12 where I realized I wanted to pursue fashion. As typical Asia parents, mine wanted me to enter UBC/SFU to study sciences, accounting, or medical. After much convincing from Kwantlen’s community liaison, my parents finally let me do what I wanted. That was how I got into Kwantlen’s fashion design degree program.

Solo Lisa: What prompted you to enter the LG Denim DIY contest?
Dora: I didn't know about this contest until Evelyn, the coordinator from Kwantlen, told me about it. This happened at the same time as my grad year, where we had to design a niche collection. I was a bit reluctant since I was pressed for time with my own collection. But she insisted that it would be a great opportunity and the prize was so striking.

Dora's winning entry in the LG Denim DIY Contest featured crisscross details on the pockets, back belt loops, and the pant legs.

Solo Lisa: There are some really interesting X details and crisscross lacing on your winning entry. What was your inspiration?
Dora: The whole concept was related to my surroundings--the multicultural society in the city of Vancouver. It’s a big part of our lives, and therefor, the details with the strips intertwining and weaving within are my representation of that idea.

Solo Lisa: What are your long-term professional goals in the fashion industry?
Dora: I plan to work as a designer for other companies for a while and move to Europe to begin a career there. Ultimately, my goal is to launch my own label and company.

Solo Lisa: Are there any people you look up to as style icons or industry veterans who inspire you?
Dora: Designers that I love are Cavalli and Galliano for Dior couture. Tiger of Sweden really inspired me with my menswear line, and Andersen & Lauth (from Iceland).

Solo Lisa: Can you give readers an idea of what they can expect from your Nevada denim line?
Dora: I actually don’t know the exact details yet. From what I know, the winner will help Sears rebrand their Nevada line and help redefine their market.

Solo Lisa: How did you celebrate your win, and how will you celebrate when your jeans finally hit stores?
Dora: When I found out that I won, I jumped up and down with joy...something I thought I would never do! It’s too amazing!!! This victory really boosted my confidence and brightened up my future in the fashion industry. A lot of my friends are waiting to buy the jeans, so that’s already a great celebration itself!


  1. Thanks for the great interview! I like the detailing of the jeans she designed and the fact that it was inspired by Vancouver. I think few people realize the thought that goes into designing denim.

  2. I love those jeans! Great interview!

  3. Those are really nice jeans. Much success to her.

  4. i can definitely see why she won - her design is very cool. i would wear it!

  5. Hey so how come on the website the other contestants didn't win and they got more votes than her?

    But really, these are nice jeans : )


  6. Danielle, I think the opinions of industry insiders counted for part of the score.

  7. great jeans! good luck with everything dora!

  8. Cool interview! Best of luck to her.

  9. Congrats to the winner! Fab jeans and interview!


  10. This is so awesome! Thanks for doing the interview, Lisa- I love those jeans! Hope they show up state-side too!

  11. Haha sweet coincidence! Go Vancity!

    Those cross details on the back are the most awesome - I love it when denim comes with details.

    PS doing a dress givewaway on my blog for a new-with-tags Forever 21 colour block dress. Wanna enter? Visit:

    and answer the fun question. Hope you win - then I wouldn't have to pay shipping, lol!

  12. Oh wow congratulations to her :) I love those jeans, those crossed belt loops are genius! Wonderful interview dear :)

  13. great interview! I love the design & it's such an amazing opportunity:)


  14. wow! how exciting! Good for her...really. She took a chance even though she was swamped with other work, and I'm sure she doesn't regret it now...
    Great post Lisa;)

  15. oops, that last comment was from Me

  16. That's very cool. It's great to see big companies reaching out to fresh talent.

  17. Really nice interview- you did a great job. The jeans are cool as hell too. I want to try them out!


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