Product Review: Mary Kay TimeWise Night Solution

Lack of sleep often means ashy haggard faces and puffy eyes the next day, and while we can't bottle time and sell it to the sleep-deprived, the Mary Kay TimeWise Night Solution is the next best thing for chicas who don't clock the requisite 8 hours of beauty rest a night. When I bought this stuff at my Mary Kay session, consultant Angela Murphy told me that the formula--which combines collagen, vitamins, and natural extracts--fights the signs of aging while clarifying pores and rejuvenating skin.

I think I'm a bit on the young side to appreciate the anti-aging benefits of this product; however, I've been using it for a month now and I can honestly say I'm hooked because of its other benefits. My skin feels softer immediately after application, and when I wake up in the mornings it looks more even-toned and rosy. I just look like I had a really good night's sleep even if I wake up feeling less than refreshed.

To my surprise and delight, the TimeWise Night Solution also lived up to Angela's claims that it would clarify my skin and reduce blemishes. I usually get breakouts on the sides of my face around the same time every month. My skin has been much clearer since I started using the TimeWise Night Solution, and when blemishes do occur they're not as noticeable and they go away a lot faster. In fact, the solution works so well I've stopped using the Garnier Anti-Blemish Pen spot treatment altogether.

At $51 for a 29 ml bottle, the TimeWise Night Solution is pricey, but one squirt is enough for my entire face and in the last month I've barely made a dent in the bottle. I imagine this product will last 6 months at the rate I'm going.


  1. Ah my mum's a director, so i get all my stuff free! I could do with using some of this...

  2. Ooh so glad to hear this product is so effective! I totally believe in splurging on wonder products and this looks like a worthy buy!

  3. Aww man, another product I'm interested in now! Darn you! :P

  4. I think I need this one! Fab review, darling!


  5. Is any of this stuff good for dudes?

  6. Thanks for posting the product review. Very helpful!!

  7. Your reviews are quite well done!

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments!

  8. Another well-done review, Lisa!

    La C.

  9. Ooo this product sounds great! I think if it's not too expensive it's never too early to invest in anti-aging products ;) I'd love to be able to get this product... hopefully they'll sell it over here. Great review!

  10. Oooo thanks for linking this. I'm always looking for the next magic skin product. I really must try this!

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