Vancouver Fashion Events!

Vancouver Fashion Week may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean the end of fashionable events in the city! Here are a couple of upcoming dates to mark on your calendar.

Oxfam Langara Presents aWear

“We believe that fashion is powerful, and it is not just a few colourful pages in Vogue; it represents more than just conventional beauty and commercialized products. It can be utilized to send out a greater, more meaningful message to the world. We believe that fashion can be anything – including social justice issues. By having each model present a different issue, we are hoping to raise awareness of them and bring them into fashion.”
-Cristin Talentino, Public Relations Executive for Oxfam Langara

If supporting global issues isn't motivation enough, how about the chance to see gorgeous designs by Gianni al Maanaki and Helen Lee? A $20 ticket will buy you admission to the fashion show and the after party, as well as refreshments. You can have fun and save the world--not too shabby. This event takes place in the Langara student cafeteria on Friday April 3rd at 6pm. For more information or to purchase a ticket, email or see the event's Facebook page.

Orb's 2nd Annual Hoodie Swap

Orb Clothing (2028 W 4th Avenue) is hosting its 2nd Annual Hoodie Swap starting Saturday April 4th at 10 am. Bring in a gently worn hoodie for Orb's charity clothing drive in support of Beauty Night, a non-profit volunteer-based organization that provides makeovers and other wellness programs to women and youth in need. The first 50 people through the door on Saturday morning get to exchange their old hoodies for brand new Orb ones. Other customers will receive a 10% off card in exchange for theirs. If you can't make it Saturday, fret not: You have until April 30th to bring in your hoodie and you'll still receive the 10% off card. Brilliant!

Nifty For Fifty Sale

Organized by Adhesif Clothing designer Melissa Ferreira, this sale promises designer deals and vintage finds for $50. Expect labels like Adhesif Clothing, Erin Templeton, Devil May Wear, Chulo Pony, Kulus, Allison Wonderland, Julie Hebb, and Carny Love for 50-90% off. Nifty For Fifty is happening at the Art & Soul Gallery inside the Pacific Palisades Hotel (1227 Robson St.) April 18th and 19th between 12-7pm.

Dress In Dace Contest

Support local label Dace by entering their Dress In Dace Contest! You have until April 30th to email a picture of yourself wearing Dace to Each submission will be entered in a draw for a $200 gift certificate.


  1. so jealous that you have so many fun fashion filled events in Vancouver! i've never been to canada but it seems like a fun place.

  2. Awesome events! You have such great stuff going on in Vancouver, I wish I lived there! The Hoodie swap sounds very cool

    Fashion Dreamer xx

  3. Sweet! I'd probably participate in at least two of these if I were in
    Are you going to be part of any of these event Lisa? :)

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  5. LPF and Fashion Dreamer, thanks for the compliments about my hometown!

    LaMimi, I might be going to the Nifty For Fifty sale, and I'm undecided about the Oxfam Langara show.

  6. I'm not from Vancouver but love how you keep your readers up to date with what's happening. Happy Thursday Lisa!

  7. The Oxfam Langara event sounds fabulous! And the hoodie swap sounds awesome :)

  8. WOW $200 gift cert!! That's such an incredible prize. ;) Are you entering? so many exciting events to look forward to... if only I were in Vancouver lol...

    Man you're so spot on with your comment! I totally agree with what you said about how guys feel something that looks nice would probably be something that makes the girl look more 'feminine' or 'womanly' or 'pretty'. And it's hard for them to appreciate other styles or variations... Never quite thought of that but after you mentioned it it made so much sense. ;)

    (still waiting for the package sob sob. turns out my uncle was waiting for a request from my grandma so he prob only sent it last week. am hoping!)

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