Style Advice: Packing For A Mediterranean Cruise

Photo by eugene

Last week, I received this lovely email from Natalie:

Hey Lisa,
So I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to tell you that I absolutely love it! My reason for writing is to ask if you have ever blogged about mixing and matching outfits or packing light when travelling?? I am from the US (Florida) and will be travelling to Europe for a two week Mediterranean cruise, but I have no idea what to pack and with all these luggage weight requirements I am starting to panic! I have researched the web a lot, and the tips I get are 1) pack around a color scheme or 2) layer pieces to achieve different looks. This is great but I feel that since the advice is coming from people in their 60s it's impossible to achieve with a 20-somethings wardrobe(more styles, more colors, more variety, etc.). Any advice? Any recommended posts?

Aw Natalie, thanks for the kind words about my blog! Although it's warming up in Vancouver, I can't help but envy you your 2-week Mediterranean cruise stint--what a wonderful-sounding vacation. It sounds like you've already spent a lot of time researching and thinking about what to pack, and with good reason! After all, you've got to fit 2 weeks' worth of outfits in your suitcase and leave enough room to take home anything you buy. Working around a colour scheme and layering will definitely help conserve luggage space.

I suggest packing versatile pieces that will do double-duty, transitioning from the beach to the pool to the cruise buffet or a night of dancing. Here's a Polyvore set to get you inspired!

Some notes about this Polyvore set:
  • I followed a colour palette inspired by images of Santorini sunsets--blues and oranges mixed with neutrals. Having 1 or 2 accent colours adds a dash of excitement to your holiday ensembles and ensures that your outfits don't clash. But don't feel like you're stuck with blue and orange if it's not your cup of tea! If you already own a lot of summery pieces in beloved colours, go with those.
  • Bring a couple of bikinis in complementary colours and prints and mix and match. The 3 bikinis in this set can create 9 different poolside and beach looks.
  • A nude strapless convertible bra is the most versatile useful undergarment you can have. Wear it under camis, tank tops with tricky necklines and straps, and cute sun dresses.
  • Knee-length sun dresses in easy breezy fabrics can be thrown over a swimsuit as a cover-up or worn when sightseeing, having dinner or drinks, or going out for a night of dancing.
  • Keep the metals in your accessories consistent: Go with either yellow or white metal, but not both (fewer accessories to pack overall!). Stud earrings will look cute and casual during the day, while dangly earrings and a thick bangle add glam shine to your evening look.
  • Flat metallic sandals are comfortable for sightseeing and transition well into the evening if you don't feel like packing heels on this trip. Make sure the metallic hue matches your accessories for no-brainer dressing.
  • If a chilly ocean breeze strikes up, keep warm with a light scarf, black wool cardigan, ankle-length denim capris, and simple black flats. Bonus: This outfit is also terrific for your flight to the city from which the cruise is departing, so wearing it on the plane means you're packing less in your luggage!
  • For daytime wear, pack one pair of shorts and one denim mini, and lots of camis and tanks to mix and match.
  • A cross-body bag with multiple pockets is practical for venturing into the port towns, while a clutch stashes your essentials for evening. You may also want to bring along a beach tote for all of your sunbathing essentials.
  • Don't forget your sunglasses!
Bon voyage Natalie! I hope you have a great time.

Do any of you have additional packing advice for Natalie?


  1. Love this collage - your advice is perfy! And that first photo is incredible!


  2. Great advise, I love your polyvores :)

  3. Awesome advice! The contrast of blues and oranges is a great combination of colors for summer. Hope she has a great trip!

  4. Thanks for the great advice. Funny you mention those colors because they are the colors of my college (UF--Go Gators!) here in Florida. :)

  5. Great advice, and blue and orange is a pretty choice of colors. I wish I were headed off on a cruise to somewhere exotic.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you did, since yours is absolutely lovely. :)

  6. great advise. lots of cute dresses.

  7. Hi there! Alison visiting from La Jeune Styliste!!

    I was wondering if you would be interested in being affiliates? I already added you to my blog roll!

  8. Great advice! I love the collage!

  9. Alison, I did have La Jeune Styliste on my blogroll and in my Google Reader, but after not seeing any new posts since August 2008, I removed LJS from my blogroll. If you're sure that you'll be updating more often, I can re-add it. :-)

  10. Natalie is a lucky lady! I suggest she pack one petite clothes horse in her luggage...

  11. I love the idea of the color palette matching the sunset! When I travel I always pack clothing in colors that make me think of that destination =]

    La C.

  12. When going away I'm becoming a fan of things that can be more than one thing - ie: dresses that can also be worn as shirts or skirts, or with adjustable straps where you can change the necklines to get multiple looks. One of these in a solid colour can do quite a few things for you!

    American Apparel makes a few "multi-purpose" styles but I'm sure there are many other manufacturers on the ball!

  13. This is absolutely incredible advice!! So well thought out I'm really impressed!! =D I love how you developed the color scheme from that photo/Santorini sunsets (that sounds so exotic already!!) You've got such a wonderful blog going here, Lisa! It's so great that you help so many people who want your advice =D

    (hmm i do hope you're all better from your blogger slump? actually it's a pretty good idea to just get away from it all for awhile. it does get very consuming in more ways than one...)

  14. If you are going to Greece then wear something blue and white. It's not only the national color but it's definitely the color of ocean and sky. Any light color clothing is great for the hot Mediterranean weather! It's a great place to go!

  15. Ooh I like your choices! And your advice!


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