My Halloween

Although I didn't go out and party in a skimpy costume, my Halloween was far from humdrum. Here's a look at my day.

I liked my first haircut at Barbarella so much that I decided to go back.

They did a great job, didn't they? I snapped a pic in Barbarella's washroom. Dig the artwork on the walls.

The boy and I met up for lunch at Kwong Chow Congee Noodle House. Here he is fiddling around with his phone. I had watercress and salted rib congee, while he had fried rice and Chinese doughnuts.

It was such a gorgeous day outside we decided to stroll up and down Main Street and window shop. We popped into Two of Hearts to say hi to Tabitha Savoie en route.

The boy and I stopped for coffee and tea at JJ Bean and figured out our next activity...

...and decided on the Stanley Park Ghost Train! Every year the miniature railroad in Stanley Park is set up haunted house-style. Kids and adults ride the train and enjoy the theatrics and ghoulish fun along the way. This year's theme was the underworld and the afterlife in different cultures.

After the train, we went to eight1/2 on Main and E. 8th for gourmet mac n' cheese and hot butternut squash soup. Our dinner was punctuated with texts from my friend Felix, who wanted to know what we were up to and jokingly expressed his willingness to play third wheel for an excuse to leave his house.

The three of us watched Zombieland and I swear, I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Columbus's rules for surviving Zombieland will probably be stuck in my head for days.

What did you do on Halloween?


  1. I love the haircut, it's really beautiful! glad to hear you had fun!!

    I stayed home with the hubby watching movies :)

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I love the haircut! Looking good...!

    Wow, looks like a fun day around Van. Salted rib congee...yum! Chinese doughnuts...haven't had those in a long time! And then mac and cheese for dinner? Extra yum!!

    We were watching Kingpin on Halloween night. I loved Woody in that movie. I want to see Zombieland as well!

  3. I was parading around like a skank on Halloween--->story of my life.

    But I totally missed the ghost train this year. I've gone ever year but completely forgot about it this year! But i'm glad to see that you still had a wonderful and eventful Halloween!

  4. What a fun day, darling! You look lovely!


  5. your hair looks great!! love it! sounds like a fun day!

  6. that sounds like a perfect halloween and I love your hair!

  7. lovely haircut! my halloween consisted of paying way to much to go to a very underwhelming party. typical! yours looked like way more fun :)

  8. Sounds like a wonderful day. And the haircut is adorable!

  9. your hair looks fabulous! almost makes me want to cut mine...


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