VFW SS 2010: Lav & Kush

Local eco-friendly label Lav & Kush presented one of the better collections at Vancouver Fashion Week on Friday night. The show opened on a strong note with tailored gray dresses featuring wonderful attention to detail, proving that eco fashion can be more haute than hippie. The sheath dress in particular demonstrated sophisticated old school glamour reminiscent of Roland Mouret's 'Galaxy' dress.

I felt like Lav & Kush's collection had two design stories rather than one. There seemed to be a new direction--the uber feminine gray structured dresses--and the draped jersey pieces that were comfortable, easy to wear, and undoubtedly fan favourites. Separates and dresses in the latter category came in a palette of jewel-toned blues, pinks, and purples, as well as an array of neutrals. The collection also featured slip dresses and feminine skirts in a variety of pretty florals. My personal favourites included a blue asymmetrical mini dress with ruching up the sides and a draped sleeve, and a black-and-cream patterned silky dress with a high-necked bow.

With pieces ranging from girly to womanly, it's easy to see why Lav & Kush describes itself as the "flirt of eco fashion."

All photos in this post by Wayne Mah.


  1. I LOVE those dresses, esp. the first one :) Beautiful!! Never would have guessed they were eco-friendly :)

  2. the last two are right up my alley! i love that they design for workwear AND a night on the town. and wonderful that it is eco-friendly as well.

  3. Such gorgeous dresses!!

    Vegas was awesome...
    And thanks for your bday wishes, darling L! Are you the sweetest or what?!


  4. Those 1st 3 dresses are to die for. Slightly Mad Men and totally wearable.

  5. love the 3rd grey dress and the asymmetrical jersey - looks so comfy!
    great review!

  6. i like the last two dresses. they are so cute. btw, i have a silk scarf giveaway on my blog now. xo

  7. 2nd dress totally reminds me of Mouret. Love it.

  8. glad to see a bit of VFW! i didn't check out any of the shows this time. what was your overall impression, yay or nay?

    xx Niki

  9. Niki B., I don't think I attended enough shows this season to give all of VFW a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. I'm only posting about the shows that I really liked due to time constraints, so my show reviews reflect VFW highlights for me personally. :-)


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