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The last time I did one of these "in my bag" posts, it was the middle of winter and I was using my Chanel 2.55 quite often. Now that it's summer I've reverted to my coated canvas Coach tote. This 3-year old tote is perfect for daily use: The material is low-maintenance, the size is large enough for everyday use as a work tote, and the compartments are practical (love the side pockets!). Canvas seems more summer-appropriate than leather somehow so I've been using this bag almost daily. So what do I have in it now?
  • UBC alumni business card holder (filled with blog business cards)
  • Daiso polka-dot makeup pouch
  • Moleskine notebook and pen
  • Ferragamo wallet
  • iPod nano
  • Cell phone
  • Chanel sunglasses
The Ferragamo wallet is a newish purchase from Canada Day and it still give me a giddy little thrill whenever I take it out of my purse. The scratch-resistant red leather is bold and sophisticated, while the hardware adds a touch of luxurious refinement without being too showy. It's a good size too--plenty of card slots inside but not overly large when the snaps are done.

The polka dot makeup pouch ($2 at Daiso) is just as satisfying a purchase for different reasons. I love the classic pattern and how it's the perfect size for what's stashed inside: Daiso blotting papers and rose-shaped mini mirror, hair elastics, bobby pins, Aveda hand lotion, Visine eyedrops, keys, Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in 'Ruban Rose', and Burt's Bees pomegranate oil lip balm.

Your turn! What's in your bag these days?


  1. Love that wallet! It would make me giddy too :)

  2. I've got such a weakness for these post! Love the little Daiso bag. I just can't get enough of cheap finds (and snacks) from that place.

  3. I love the Ferragamo wallet! It's the same colour as my Comme des Garcons. Hurray for burgundy red wallets!

    In my bag:
    CDG wallet
    Chanel sunglasses
    Lise Watier blotting papers
    La Prairie cream blush compact
    Chanel Coco lipstick
    Korres lip balm
    Asthma puffer

  4. I love red wallets and that Ferragamo one is gorgeous. I was bored so I did a whats in my bag post of my own :P

  5. Love the new wallet!!! I'm on the lookout for a new one too. I also bought my first Moleskine notebook yesterday and I love it! Then again, I'm a huge sucker for stationery period. Great post, I love What's in my Bag posts :)

  6. Adding cardholder twins to our list, haha. The red of that Ferragamo wallet is really somethin', such a great buy! :)

  7. I love peeking into people's wallets

    I'll post what's in my wallet soon.

  8. Love, love, love the wallet! Your purse is so neat! My bag is currently being weighed down by a book and quite a few receipts :)

  9. Nice! Love seeing what other girls are carrying. You are so neat! I would be too embarrassed to show off my bag. There are a lot of crap accumulated. Love your coach bag too! It's very pretty.

  10. I love the Ferragamo wallet! and that cute rose compact mirror haha I kept thinking it was Anna Sui!

    This whole "In my bag" post just reminds me that I need a new bag, my poor Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo is peeling for some reason! :(

  11. Your wallet is so gorgeous! In my bag right now is an electric blue studded Michael Kors wallet and a whole lotta toddler stuff. HA!

  12. every time i read one of ur such blogs, it motivates me to clean up my purse. i love how clean and girly ur puses and its contents r ;)

  13. I like that you keep it so simple, I'm the same way - wallet, keys, ipod, phone, sunglasses and that's really it!

  14. i have two of the aveda hand lotion except i got it at a hotel for free!! I LOVE FREEBIES!


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