Saltspring Island Photo Diary

  1. The rain-soaked patio of our bed and breakfast.
  2. My jewelry and the boy's phone on the B & B room's side table.
  3. Navy blue Keds: walking shoes for the weekend.
  4. I wore a blue dress with coral trim for Megan's wedding.
  5. The beautifully decorated reception area at Beaver Point Hall.
  6. The bride looked radiant and the groom was so dapper in his red polka dot bow tie. Congratulations Megan and Michael!
  7. "Let's do a shoe shot for my blog!" My Kelsi Dagger ruffle sandals, Megan's sunny yellow Fluevogs.
  8. Since Megan and Michael have been wearing their engagement rings for the last year, they thought it was silly to take them off and pretend to exchange them during the ceremony. So they exchanged ring pops instead while proclaiming "I'm sweet on you!" and "I choo-choo-choose you!"
  9. Harbour in Ganges village
  10. Random mural in the village
  11. Forest fire sign over the fire department
  12. Stopping for organic jersey milk cheese at Moonstruck Farm. The boy and I bought Tomme D'Or (a hard yellow cheese with some fruity and nutty notes) and an ash-ripened Camembert.
  13. One of many picturesque views
  14. Browsing the new and secondhand books at Black Sheep Books in the village.


  1. Great pics! Love your dress in the third pic!

    Embracing Style

  2. Very cute navy blue dress! I love Keds! They always remind me of my childhood.

  3. Nice! looks like a very relaxing place to spend some time! My kind of place! :D

  4. The wedding you went to seemed so quirky and fun! I love Salt Spring Island. I love biking around from farm to farm and buying blueberries, cherries and cheese. You have to learn to bike!

    The blue dress you wore is so adorable.

  5. Your photo diary made me smile :) Totally captured the loveliness of Salt Spring Island! That navy dress is really great on you xo

  6. The caterers tossed our candy pop rings -- boo! Does that mean our marriage is annulled?

    On a more serious note, so glad you and The Boy could come. Great photos!

    Who's next? ;-)

  7. These pictures are so lovely. I love the shoe shot!

  8. Gorgeous photo diary, I always love scrolling through these (:

    bises, xx

  9. i love the idea of the ring pops! so fun!

  10. Sounds like a fun wedding! Great photos too! Saltspring is so pretty.

  11. wow. i saw that shoe pic from the wedding and thought, hmm i recognize those shoes ... that's my friend's sister who got married! crazy to stumble on it like this.

  12. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this...I'm getting married in July and we're having the reception at Beaver Point Hall. I'd love to talk to anyone who has used the hall before for tips/advice:) Great pics! Katie


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