Today's Outfit: Keeping The Romance Alive

  • Blazer (Gap)
  • Sheer green blouse (Plenty)
  • Beige camisole (Uniqlo)
  • Earrings (Claire's)
  • Necklace (Forever 21)
  • Ring (Babe Belangere Boutique, Yaletown)
  • Pumps (Colcci via Fine Finds, Yaletown)
  • Purse (vintage Saks Fifth Avenue)
  • Lipstick (Tom Ford lip colour in 'Bruised Plum')

Friday night is date night. After a week of work, fitness classes, social events, and other engagements, it's a time when the boy and I can have dinner together and unwind. Last Friday was particularly exciting because we had reservations at The Corner Suite and had never been before. I even dressed up a bit for the occasion! Having a Groupon for it seemed like the perfect excuse to try this much lauded restaurant known for its extensive cocktail list and delicious interpretation of French bistro food. The best part was the tarte tatin à la minute that we had for dessert, a delectable upside-down apple tart garnished with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Think of it as apple pie's sexier and superior French cousin. We were so impressed that we vowed to return for drinks and dessert some other time.

Then it was off to see The Expendables. Are there any other girls out there who are as clueless about action movies as I am? When the boy talks about the finer points of the dialogue in Die Hard and I say I've never seen any of the Die Hard movies, his jaw will drop and his eyes widen like I've uttered something blasphemous. Anyway, despite his penchant for action movies (or maybe because of it), I ended up enjoying The Expendables much more than he did because I went into it with zero expectations. We came out of the movie and walked to his car discussing how great Mickey Rourke was. At one point I ranted about the implausible banana republic plotline and how, as a director, Stallone alienated me with the poorly lit chaotic opening sequence about the Somali hostage situation.

"He threw away my verisimilitude and had to earn it back in the rest of the movie! What kind of director does that?!" I fumed.

"Honey, you can't use words like 'verisimilitude' when you're talking about movies like The Expendables" was his reply. "Just enjoy the explosions."

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Yup, that's us, keeping the romance alive one date night at a time.


  1. Love what you wore to date night! The rolled up jeans adds a nice touch to the outfit.

    Embracing Style

  2. Aw, I love this. Date night is such a perfect thing to stick to when busy schedules get in the way! And your outfit is great - loving the heels!

    Xo Chelle

  3. I also have a groupon to Corner Suite too. Think it's one of those places where you do need to dress up a bit so you don't feel out of place.

    I think you can use any word from the Oxford Dictionary in any way you're a writer! You have street creds to show the smarts

  4. Haha Teresa, I think he meant that you can't talk about "the willing suspension of disbelief" and action movies because it's just a given that the entire movie will be more or less ludicrous.

  5. You look so cute! I love how your feet are posed "just so."

  6. Gorgeous, darling!
    Especially loving your jewels!


  7. You look so cute!

    As for action flicks... I am very much like a dude in that respect! I don't care if the story is weak, as long there are epic car chases and snarky one-liners peppered liberally throughout the film. Hehe!

  8. I can't believe your BF made you go see the Expendables! Grrr. You should have seen Scott Pilgrim instead. It has everything: action, romance and geekery.

    I absolutely adore the vintage Saks bag and your platform pumps.

    PS. You comment on blog made me laugh! But those poor lace and bow things in my closet have been getting out more often as of late. Hope they are not too depressed.

  9. Very cute post! I think Mickey Rouarke is a good actor too. The outfit is super nice! Love the blazer and the pumps!

    BTW, motherhood is wonderful! Thank you for asking! Unlike Canada, we only get 16-20 weeks off :O( It will be hard to go back to work.

  10. awe date night! i love it-- so important no matter how long you've been together to take time to share time alone :) (& how could he resist when you look so stylish!)

  11. Such a lovely outfit. I love every detail and it just looks perfect on you.

    I JUST won a gift card to the corner suite so i'm excited to hear you loved it!


  12. love this look! the red lipstick looks so awesome too.

  13. iLike - keeping the romance alive. way to go, girl! so happy for u.

  14. Loving the look


    P.S check out our blog

  15. Love your looK as always! hah! did you see there's another Anthea! lol

  16. love this!


  17. Perfect outfit for a date night. I adore you necklace.

  18. Love the vintage bag. Sounds like a perfect date night. The dessert sounds delish.

  19. I love it all. REALLY!

    The mix of casual jeans with classic jewellery and jacket keeps it really fresh.

  20. Beautiful - I love the blazer and the beaded necklace. I would not have guessed that the necklace was from Forever 21 - the soft color is pretty and it is so artfully draped.
    I'm amazed at how many cute jackets I'm seeing from the Gap's website this fall. I'll have to peek in!

  21. I've decided to have a torrid love affair with your shoes. I heart them.

  22. That lipstick color suits you so well. *ultimate Tom Ford fangirl*

  23. Just enjoy the explosions - LOL!
    Love the outfit, the blazer is one of my favorite looks. Love how you paired it with rolled jeans.

  24. Loooooooove the entire look. Those pumps really rock!

  25. Love your outfit. It looks very polished and very French. Perfect for eating Tarte Tatin!

    So important to make time to spend together when busy.Something myself and my husband are constantly struggling to more of.

  26. Love this look! It's nice to see someone from Canada out here in the blogosphere :) Thanks for the visit and comment! You said it! Love your blog!

    Much love,

  27. Great outfit, and idea... the bf and I have yet to have a reserved date night, hmmm....

    Ripped Nylon

  28. You completely nailed it on that make-up. Simple, red and effortless.

  29. Dang, Lisa. I had to look up verisimilitude! That's my word of the day now!

  30. if you want romance - lose the jeans and wear a skirt; the blazer is already masculine enough, you'd look much more lady like without the pants

  31. Anonymous, thanks for the honest opinion. Now if only we could keep things a bit more honest and you could use your real name...


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