House Guest Supper Club

Comfort food. An inviting atmosphere. Eclectic artwork, taxidermy and glass skulls lining the walls. If any of this sounds appealing to you, you should definitely stop by HousexGuest in Gastown. The newly opened restaurant and "see and be seen" bar threw an invitation-only supper club party last Thursday.

Although I'd seen and heard a bit about HousexGuest, the supper club was my chance to check out the place in person. Guests enjoyed beef tartare, sliders, scallops and pork belly as they mingled. The cozy space had no shortage of interesting curios and decor details on the walls, providing the perfect icebreaker conversation points for first dates and social brunches. And speaking of brunch, I've heard great things about their chicken and waffles, which I'll have to try on the weekend of the boy's Christmas party.

For more coverage of the HousexGuest Supper Club, check out The Anthology's post.

UPDATE [December 4, 2011]: After returning for Sunday brunch and receiving horrible service, I retract everything nice I said about HousexGuest.


  1. the decorations look pretty luxe at the place, it's got a lot of character. haha speaking of x mas party our company cancelled ours this year... cutbacks!!

  2. Wow this looks amazing! I've been meaning to try it out since forever, a few of my friends went and raved about it. Might have to try it once I'm done with this term :). SO good seeing you last night, you looked lovely as ever!

    Alex xoxoxo


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