Today's Outfit: Cozy Casual Weekend

For once I have a surplus of outfit photos to share with you in weekly blog posts, so today you're seeing an outfit from two weekends ago while I talk about what I did last weekend. (How's that for a time warp?) On Friday, I met the boy in Richmond so we could avoid the Grey Cup madness downtown. We ended up having a quick dinner at the Aberdeen Mall food court before going to an evening showing of My Week with Marilyn, which turned out to be a pretty good film. Saturday: early morning yoga class, lots of lounging around in the afternoon, a late dinner at Habit with the boy and salsa friends who also decided to stay in Vancouver instead of going to the Seattle Salsa Congress, and coffee at Cafe Montmartre where some other salsa friends played and sang on open mic night.

After going to so many events in the past few weeks and dressing up for most of them, I'm relishing every opportunity I get to dress down. There's something cozy and comforting about simple outfits and warm knits, especially when the weather is as abysmal as it's been lately. As I often say though, dressing down doesn't have to mean looking slobby. Luxe-to-the-touch angora and cashmere, a rich-coloured lipstick and a cocktail ring (courtesy of local jewelry maker Georgia Heraty) elevate this look from a typical sweater-and-jeans combo to something a little more special.

Speaking of "courtesy of" items, did you see the thought-provoking post and discussion about c/o items on the Independent Fashion Bloggers site a while ago? It's definitely worth a read as it raises interesting questions about blogger integrity and it prompted me to try to verbalize my own policies around c/o items. In case it isn't clear from how I conduct myself on this blog: I feature and speak favourably of things I like. If I receive something (like a beauty product) to review, I strive to write an honest, thoughtful review that would be useful to readers. If I don't like something, I either don't feature it or I feature it and explain why I was disappointed.

This is probably one of the most verbose Today's Outfit posts I've ever done, so now I'll turn over the discussion to you, dear readers. What did you do on the weekend? Do you like dressing down or dressing down with an element of dressing up? What do you think of c/o items?


  1. that I am a mommy, I totally dress down. It's hard to wear anything nice with the little one yanking and pulling on stuff.

    Glad you liked My Week with Marilyn. So nice to spend time with your boy at the movies, huh?

  2. I don't see anything wrong with c/o items, as someone who reads fashion blogs regularly. It's easy enough to see, and as long as a whole post isn't entirely made up of them, I think it's totally fine! It's really all about the integrity and the fit, I guess.

  3. love your ring and hat! i have one from joe fresh too, it seems to cozily go with everything!

  4. You look really cute. I love those Joe Fresh angora sweaters.

    In terms of c/o items, I don't know... It's obvious bloggers receive beauty products for review and an occasional clothing/accessory item to either feature or wear. I don't think everything needs to be disclosed -- magazines certainly don't do it. I just treat them as samples. If I like the items and they fit my blog, I feature them.

  5. I've declined a few offers for free stuff for my blog, mainly because i don't think that their stuff would fit on my blog, or if it's blatant advertising they want me to do such as pay me to put key links on my blog... and ya I totally (and others i'm sure) can see through it when you advertise for the sake of advertise to get free stuff rather than that you enjoy it! like one post you're talking about nail stickers and the next post you're talking freeing dolphin event tickets? common.

  6. Cute outfit! And the ring is beautiful.

    I don't mind c/o items - but there is a limit. Some of the bigger bloggers feature daily outfit posts with pretty much only c/o items. I like the items and how they are styled, but they are not really personal outfits any more because everything was sponsored. And that is what I like about most blogs: that the girls (and some guys) know how to work within their budget and are able to create beautiful new looks every day.

    I am hosting a GIVEAWAY: You can win a beautiful handmade copper plated feather necklace!

  7. that ring is gorgeous!

  8. Ahhhh! I adore your hat - its lovely. Joe Fresh is one of my all time fav stores (haha with a grocer hehe). Darling blog :)


  9. your top looks so cozy. I love dressing down esp if I'm out and about with my dog.

    I only just realized I have a social experiment ring! it's a turquoise blue stone and I bought it at Barefoot Contessa not realizing that was the designer.

    As for c/o items, if ti's a fit and you like it and you feel letting your readers know about it would be of interest, go for it. As long as there is a balance.

  10. i'm all about dressing up... even t-shirts need heels.

    in terms of c/o things.. i think its great as long as your are honest about it. i will turn down offers that i don't feel are right for me and will only do ones that fit my style or i would probably buy anyway.

    love your hat!


  11. The ring is really pretty =) I like casual. I never dress up if I don't have to! hehe

  12. I don't necessarily think that bloggers need to put c/o for every piece of clothing they may wear that was gifted by a company. However, if they're doing a whole post on, say, a specific pair of shoes because the company sent them and asked to have them "reviewed", then I think it should be stated. Same with doing reviews of beauty products.

    As for the weekends...I tend to dress a lot more edgy/weird (or at least I'm trying to!) on the weekends. Now that I have a full time job, I go crazy wearing work clothes which I never really feel are my style. So when the weekend comes, I can't WAIT to whip out my drapey All Saints sweaters, skinny jeans, and studded boots.


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