Lipstick Love: Plum Perfection

Plum: so lovely, so dramatic, but so intimidating. In fact, my lipstick-loving self didn't exactly warm to plum until I saw other ladies wearing wine-hued shades and looking quite sophisticated. Unlike my slightly out-of-control pink and red collections, I only have two purply shades I swear by:

  • Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour in 'Bruised Plum' ($52 at Holt Renfrew...when they're not sold out, that is). You have to really love lipstick to pay that much for one, and I do love this colour every time I wear it. The colour is a warm deep burgundy with a slight satin finish. It looks quite dark in the tube, but don't let that intimidate you: 'Bruised Plum' is surprisingly flattering once it's on. Even out your complexion with some concealer and foundation, apply some blush and mascara, swipe on a bit of this lipstick and you're good to go.
  • NARS lipstick in 'Viridiana' ($30 at Sephora). I bought this lipstick because I wanted a less extreme plum/berry shade that I could wear during the day. 'Viridiana' is just that and is quite pretty on, but for some reason I rarely ever reach for it. Maybe it's because 'Viridiana' has to compete with an intimidating collection of reds or the sexy allure of Tom Ford.

Are you a fan of plum lipstick? If you haven't tried it yet, is it a look you're willing to try?


  1. Plum is definitely hard to pull off. But you are right, it's lovely as well. I think it's a little sweet and a little vampy.

  2. This is just what I need. I'm ready to take the plum plunge!

  3. i love plum, but especially that tom ford packaging... {im a sucker for great packaging!}

  4. It definitely is a color I want to try. But since I still have to get used to wearing lipstick (I have a few but always forget about them), I prefer to go with a pretty red color first.

  5. I love my Sisley #L24, which is about a shade lighter (and more cherry-like) than Tom Ford's Bruised Plum.

    Currently coveting Gareth Pugh for MAC:

  6. I honestly feel like I'd still be too intimidated to try plum lipstick even after seeing it look beautiful on so many people, but if I were to try one, these two would be the top contenders. I haven't tried any Tom Ford products yet but I've heard nothing but good things, I feel like I should take the plunge soon!

    Alex xoxo

  7. I really like plum but it just doesn't work for me. I have tried on several brands and shades of plum but red or bright pink just works better for me.

    I wanted to wear my Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in Rebelle today and I can't find it. I'm quite upset. I will have to check all my bags tonight and if I can't find it, I am off to buy another one!


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