JAC Spring/Summer 2012

Besides the Jacqueline Conoir spring/summer 2012 collection, designer Rozemerie Cuevas's show at JC Studio three weeks ago also marked the debut of the JAC spring/summer 2012 collection.

Dubbed the wild child little sister brand, JAC is intended for younger fashion lovers who wanted to channel their inner rock goddess. Think of Jacqueline Conoir, but less classic and more trendy, with a casual insouciance and a rock and roll edge, and you get JAC. While Jacqueline Conoir is more my style than JAC, I can still appreciate the aesthetic of the clothes from a distance. The neutral palette of beige, blue, black and gray used for the mini dresses, wide-leg trousers, soft tees and ombré scarves makes for separates that would integrate well with existing wardrobes.


  1. nice looking stuff - I think JAC is definitely more suited to my style than JC.

  2. i'm loving!! i want to channel my rock goddess!



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