Establishment Lounge Media Tasting Event

When you see the words "tasting menu" and "canapes" on an invitation, the last thing you'd expect is a twelve-course sit-down dinner that leaves guests full to bursting. But that was exactly what happened last Wednesday when media and bloggers were invited to Establishment Lounge (3162 West Broadway) in Kitsilano. The global fusion tapas menu by executive chef Victor Bongo featured unexpected and delectable twists on familiar dishes. From the bison sliders to the lamb to the chilled raspberry basil soup served for dessert, everything was so well executed that diners were hard-pressed to pick a favourite dish when Chef Bongo himself came out to greet them. Here's a look back at some of the culinary highlights that have me hoping to return again soon.

The vegetarian version of Chef Bongo's best known dish, African peanut soup, was spicy and savoury, with just enough crunchy peanut bits to form a nice contrast with the puree texture.

The black truffle saccottini pasta was a smooth creamy morsel of a second course.

A grown-up spin on a childhood favourite, the lamb merguez frank featured lamb sausage served in a buttery croissant. The lamb was just the right balance of dry and juicy with no gamey taste at all.

The Okanagan goat cheese and fig souffle--so wonderfully decadent.

The Malaysian chicken satay came in a spicy peanut sauce that had just the right amount of heat.

Compared to the bold spice and flavour of the other dishes, the Latin pan-seared scallops served on corn cakes with avocado mousse, chipotle, and pico de gallo were relatively simple but fresh.

If this post has your mouth watering, you should definitely stop by Establishment Lounge soon.


  1. omg the food in Vancouver is amazing and these photos are drool-worthy. I highly suggest going to The Pear Tree on hastings in Burnaby. my favorite restaurant!



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