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LUSH is perhaps best known for its shower and bath products, and there were plenty of both in evidence when I attended their media preview event at the newly renovated Robson St. location last Wednesday evening.

But the star products of the event were LUSH's new range of cosmetics. Dubbed 'Emotional Brilliance' by company co-founder Rowena Bird, the colours of the super-pigmented liquid lipsticks, eyeliners, and cream eyeshadows correspond to moods and psychological needs. One's subconscious emotional state will render certain colours more alluring (and more therapeutic) than others. Each guest had a one-on-one colour consultation where they chose shades/emotions from a colour wheel that appealed most to them. Mine were Passionate (a fuchsia shade that represented both my greatest strength and my weakness), Calm (a sky blue that represented my subconscious need), and Motivate (a navy blue that represented the talent I'd need to achieve my subconscious need).

Also noteworthy: the vegan formulas; the minimalist eyedropper-like bottles made from glass and recycled plastic and meant to reduce consumer waste; and the interchangeable applicator wands which make it easy to use the colours on eyes, lips, or face. Luminizing skin tints, translucent face powder, and mascara rounded out the new cosmetics line.

Aside from exploring 'Emotional Brilliance', the event was a chance to get re-acquainted with LUSH's offerings. Shampoos, fizzy bath bombs, and body washes galore lined the shelves and aisles, inviting guests to test, touch, and sniff. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had a full range of skincare: facial cleansers, serums, the works.

The cherry on top of the whole event: LUSH employees were on hand to whip up 'Ayesha' fresh face masks containing clay, asparagus, and honey for guests to take home.

The 'Emotional Brilliance' makeup line launches worldwide July 21st and will be available in all LUSH stores and online. Most products are $18.95 to $22.95. Thanks to LUSH for the sneak peek! And speaking of living the LUSH life, I've been testing a couple of their products for the past few weeks. Stay tuned for reviews.


  1. I love Lush products. They smell good enough to eat! (But I wouldn't do that ...)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. What a smart move to go into cosmetics! I love the packaging with the small bottles. I had no idea they did skincare either. Will have to check that out...

    1. Actually, LUSH has done cosmetics for a while if you consider its UK-based sister company B Cosmetics. B is known for its highly pigmented formulas, something that the LUSH founders also wanted in the LUSH makeup line.

  3. Ah so wish I was in Van for this! I just wrote a story on this yesterday though, as a psyh grad I love the colour therapy aspect of the line! So cool. And no, thinking of staying on longer here in TO, though the plan is hopefully Aus for next year!! Needing to come back to Van soon though, miss it so much!

    Alexandra xo

  4. Thanks for coming to the event Lisa!! We enjoyed having you and love your blog!!!

    <3 The team @ LUSH Robson


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