Moving: Status Update

Hi everyone! Thanks for bearing with me while I set about making my new condo with the boy feel like a real home. Needless to say, the process was exhausting. And sorry, I have no outfit posts to show you after all. (I figured I'd spare you the photos of me looking grimy and disheveled.)

Over the course of 10 days, we went from this... something that's a lot more, well, livable. Our furniture is in place and/or assembled mostly. We can actually prepare food in our kitchen. Our hardwood floors are no longer coated with dust from cardboard boxes. Progress, I tell you.

We still have some things to do before everything feels complete, but for now here's a little glimpse of what our place looks like.

Thank goodness my old bookcase was big enough to handle the combined book and DVD collections of two bibliophiles/movie fans.

Although our place is just a one bedroom plus den, we somehow lucked out and wound up with a walk-in closet big enough for 3-4 dressers, hanging clothes, and lots of shoes and purses. Talk about a fashion blogger's dream apartment! I turned one of the dresser tops into a vanity table; the drawer organizer is from RIO and the glasses holding my brushes and liners are from Anthropologie.

A couple of necessities stashed inside my new nightstand: Principessa 'Bacio Me' lip balm (c/o BeautyMark), B. Kamins Eyelash Fortifier (c/o Spa Boutique, which I reviewed here), Jane Iredale Sugar and Butter Lip Scrub and Plumper (c/o Spa Boutique, which I reviewed here), glasses for a little reading before bed, and nail and cuticle oil.

It wasn't until I started searching for bedding that I realized there are a lot of ugly bed linens out there. Try as I might to find inexpensive yet pretty sheets, ultimately I went with my first choice: the Marimekko Lumimarja Celery set.

Instead of a matchy-matchy bathroom accessories set, I opted for an opalescent tumbler from Anthropologie and a claw-footed cream pitcher from The Cross to hold toothpaste and toothbrushes.

I'll do another home decor update when the time comes, but for now it's back to our regular scheduled programming of fashion and beauty!


  1. I love that you posted these photos of your new condo. It's nice to get a little sneak peak of how people decorate their home. I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Your kitchen reminds me of mine!

  3. Good to see progress in your moving in process, Lisa! I'm excited for you :) hope to catch you at an event soon to hear more stories!


  4. What a great idea of using the tumbler and cream pitcher in the bathroom. That is part of why I love vintage......repurpose and creative self expression. Thanks for sharing.


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