Today's Outfit: Blue Ikat

Mark's CURVE-TECH bra tank dress (c/o) | Joe Fresh men's belt | J. Crew & H&M bracelets | Juliet & Company earrings | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag | LUSH Liquid Lipstick in 'Strong' (c/o) | Zoya Nail Polish in 'Bevin' (c/o Spa Boutique)

5 things (in no particular order):

1. I'm finally trying out large-format photos for outfit posts. What do you think, yay or nay?

2. The lovely blue ikat frock you see here is not only my first ikat print ever, it's also the first item I've owned from Mark's. Who knew that such an adorable summer dress could come from a chain known for utilitarian work garments? As with all the styles in their new CURVE-TECH line of dresses, this dress has a built-in bra. Not a flimsy piece of cloth with an elasticized bottom, mind you, but a fully molded, lightly padded underwire bra. Think of how convenient that is! No worrying about finding the right bra to wear under a strappy sun dress or peekaboo straps sliding off your shoulders. After having worn it twice (and receiving lots of compliments!), I can say that it's comfy, fits well, and goes through the washing machine just fine.

3. I got promoted at work and went from being a technical writer to being documentation lead. (I kind of hinted at it in my last outfit post when I said my workload has increased.) So far it hasn't been dramatically different other than more meetings and more work, but hey, it's a new challenge and I welcome it.

4. After dragging the boy to Moonrise Kingdom last Friday and showing him The Fantastic Mr. Fox on Sunday, I may have inadvertently made a Wes Anderson fan out of him.

5. On the condo front, our TV has finally arrived, but we don't have a place to put it yet because our media stand is back-ordered. This means no watching the Olympics from home. Sigh.

Happy Monday!


  1. Simply stunning! Love that dress. Got my eye on your blog now.

  2. I dig the large photos - and you look very beautiful! The brown belt goes very well with that blue dress too :)

    Style by Joanne

  3. sounds like you're doing well! congrats on your work and your condo! I haven't been watching the Olympics actually, the weather is just too nice outside these days!

  4. Congrats on the promo, lil lady!!

    I love the shoes :)

  5. Nice - incorporating menswear. Boys get the most stylish stuff sometimes... I'm always inspired by their haircuts and bags. Congrats on the condo too! Seems like you're having an awesome year.

  6. You look gorgeous here, Lisa! I can't wait to see you and the new place tonight!


  7. Love the dress - and the photos are gorgeous!


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