Gender Balance

When the boy and I bought our condo, combining our decorating tastes into something feminine yet guy friendly was a challenge. It took time and effort to achieve a cozy, modern space suitable for hosting dinner parties (me) and UFC nights (him). During the decorating process, I also learned a lot about what appeals to both sexes – wisdom which I’m sharing today via a round-up of my favourite living room pieces from Urban Barn:

  • To impart a masculine vibe in any space, opt for sleek, streamlined and neutral when making a major furniture purchase, such as a couch or coffee table. Also, the couch can’t just look good; it must be comfortable to veg on. (That’s non-negotiable for most guys.)
  • Counteract the potential blandness of neutral furniture with colourful textiles and accents. Bright jewel tones or primary colours like blue and teal usually fare better with boys than pastels.
  • Geometric patterns like stripes, Greek keys, lattices and trellises aren’t as off-putting and overtly girly to guys as floral or polka dot motifs. Plus, they’re an on-trend way to add visual interest and personality to any room.

Have you ever had a decorating dispute with your guy? How’d it turn out?


Urban Barn offers a stunning array of contemporary furniture, home decor and accessories that will look right at home in your place, for years to come. By shaking up a winning cocktail of great design, quality and value with liberal splashes of fun, they've become a true favorite of the style conscious shopper.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Urban Barn via Glam Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Urban Barn.

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