Latest Outfit: Favourites Mix

J. Crew white shirt and sweater | Togs coat | Gap 1969 Always Skinny jeans | Bloch oxfords | Vintage Coach bag | Benji Frank sunglasses (c/o)

Just a quick outfit shot from last week (so sunny!), wearing a mix of old and new-ish favourites that have been featured time and again on the blog. Classic standbys are all I seem to want to wear these days. This actually works in my favour, because my self-imposed clothing allowance--which is just large enough to replace worn out basics, buy a few fast fashion items, or splurge on one higher quality item--has made me very, very picky.

If I buy something, it's always with the knowledge that my budget will keep me from buying something I find later and like much more. Talk about pressure! However, there is some good news. First, this constant fear of not being able to buy something has made me come in under-budget for the last two months, and my self-imposed rules dictate I can carry these balances forward.

Second, I rocked my annual performance review, earning a promotion and a raise in the process--the sort of milestone I usually celebrate with a splurge like shoes or a handbag or a vacation. I'm a little torn about what to do this time around: the prudent side of me wants to pay off the mortgage a bit faster or save a bit more, while the side of me that worked so hard last year wants a treat. So, what to do? Decisions, decisions...


  1. happy Friday Lisa!!! major congrats on the promotion lades! that's amazing - i'm sure whatever way you celebrate will be with intensely charming style cos this outfit is a pure reflection of that exact thing! enjoy the weekend, it should perhaps be a bit sunny too, let's finger cross together :)

    cheers ♥

    1. You always say the sweetest things, Lynn. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


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