Spring Break (Sort Of)

Original image from Marie Claire

I wish this were a real spring break. With a months-long project finishing up and my new course starting, this week I'll be taking an unplanned hiatus. Maybe if I put on some sparkly cocktail rings, give myself a pastel manicure, and keep a cup of coffee close by at all times, I can comfort myself with small, glamorous luxuries and keep the stress at bay until Easter weekend.

The blog might be a little quiet, but you can still find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. I'll be back next Monday with new posts. Your patience is appreciated during these trying times, dear readers. Until next week!


  1. oh Lisa, i think the idea of having a few indulgences and pretty accessories around to get you through everything sounds pretty great! wishing you all the best as you move forward and into some heave-ho times. i know you'll rock it tho, there's no doubt :)

    wishing you every goodness imaginable and much success! ♥

    ps: thanks SO much for your sweet words about our move, most appreciated lades. xo

    1. Thanks Lynn! Hope the moving process is going well for you.


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