You're Making Me Blush

I'm game for trying anything when it comes to lipstick and mascara, but for some reason I've been stubbornly loyal to my tried and true blushes. After all, NARS Orgasm is a classic for good reason, while ILIA Multi-Stick in 'All of Me' was my initiation into cream blushes.

But when ILIA 'All of Me' ran out and NARS Orgasm bit the dust, it was time for something new. I turned to my treasure trove of beauty samples and uncovered two gems which I couldn't resist sharing. Not only do these compacts create a universally flattering flush, their sheer prettiness would sway even the staunchest "I don't buy makeup just for packaging" consumer.

Lise Watier's limited edition 'Pink Power' blush ($30; available February to April 2013) is a thing of floral-embossed beauty. Its finely ground colour pigments provide sheer but build-able coverage. Swirl a blush brush over the entire pan to blend the light pink highlighter with the matte dark pink. 1-2 swirls gave me natural-looking colour, while 5 swirls gave me a distinctly rosy-cheeked appearance (so pretty for spring).

Stila's 'All You Need is Love' limited edition cheek palette ($14) features four shades that can be worn separately or blended--perfect for a girl who wants to experiment with peach and coral one day, or a fuchsia-toned flush the next. It's more pigmented than the Lise Watier compact, so a couple of light swipes across the squares with a soft blush brush will more than suffice. I recommend brushing away all the gold "love" embossing and then swirling your blush brush on a clean tissue before you use it for the first time. Unless you're a Twilight vampire, the gold overspray is just a bit too much sparkle for one's face.

What's your go-to blush? Do you experiment or stick to a single product?

P.S. Speaking of Stila, my Facebook giveaway is a great chance for you to experience their beloved eyeshadow formulas firsthand.


  1. You are so good about finishing your products. I completely suck in that area!

    My go-to is Benefit's Coralista...but I do swap it out for another one here and there. I'm a blush junkie with more Benefit Boxes-o-Powder than I can count. Also a highlighting powder junkie. :X

    1. I'm not THAT good. The NARS Orgasm palette was really old, so even though it wasn't completely used up I had to let it go.


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