Dior Summer 2014: It-Lash, It-Line, and Diorshow Mono Pop Shades

Dior's latest eye makeup for summer 2014 features limited edition pop hues.

As if the Dior Transat Summer 2014 collection weren't enough escapist beauty lovin' fun, now the luxury label is transporting us to a technicolour wonderland with its latest launches. The new Dior Addict It-Lash mascara and Dior Addict It-Line eyeliner, as well as Diorshow Mono eyeshadow, are all available at Dior counters now. But if you want to snag the limited-edition pop hues, you better hurry. Ready for a closer look?

Dior Addict It-Lash colourful summer 2014 limited editions

Very, very few mascaras can stand up to my uber-oily eyelids, so I'm sing-from-the-rooftops psyched to report that Dior Addict It-Lash ($32) is one of them. The polymer-bristle applicator defines and fans out every little lash sans clumps. It-Pink can be intimidatingly bright after a few coats, but It-Blue and It-Purple are surprisingly subtle on dark lashes like mine, noticeable only under very bright light. If you have dark eyes and lashes too, swap your normal black mascara for It-Blue to make the whites of your eyes look whiter, or use It-Purple to play up brown peepers.

The best part of It-Lash? Despite its miraculous smudge-proof properties, it comes off easily with warm water.

Dior Addict It-Line colourful summer 2014 limited editions

Likewise, Dior Addict It-Line ($32) makes me jazz-hands happy because it's one of only 3 eyeliners I've ever tried that stays put on my eyelids without transfer or fading. With a consistency somewhere between liquid liner and gel, this heavily pigmented liner dries quickly to a shiny, smudge-resistant finish, but rinses away cleanly with warm water. The brush's superfine tip makes a precise cat-eye a cinch. Available in It-Blue, It-Pink, and It-Purple.

Dior Addict It-Line colourful limited editions

Although these Diorshow Mono eyeshadows ($32) look intimidatingly bright in their all-black palettes, they go on quite sheer in the first application, offering build-able coverage and different finishes when used wet or dry. It-Purple and It-Pink are matte and bright, while It-Yellow has a bit of shimmer.

Diorshow Mono eyeshadows in pop colours for summer 2014

So, the question is: Are you feeling electric this summer? If not, don't worry about it: All three products are also available in basic black so you can look classic chic all year round.

Dior Addict It-Line and It-Lash, and Diorshow Mono eyeshadow


  1. I'm definitely interested in the purple liner .. will have to check this collection out :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

    1. The products are incredible. You're in for a treat!


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