Yes, You Can Wear Blue Eyeshadow (Here's How!)

Fresh blue eyeshadow look by CoverGirl artist Veronica Chu

The words "blue eyeshadow" may conjure up images of 80s era fashion victims, but as CoverGirl makeup artist Veronica Chu proved during yesterday's Procter & Gamble media preview, blue eyeshadow can be fresh, pretty, and downright modern. In the look she created, the sheer wash of colour across the lids is intensified with liner and lush lashes, while the skin has a lit-from-within luminosity and the lips are muted. It's a nice summertime day-to-night look, for sure. Ready for the step-by-step?

CoverGirl makeup artist Veronica Chu talks about prepping skin with foundation and concealer.

Step 1. Prep skin by applying CoverGirl Olay Face Lift Effect Firming Foundation, followed by TruFix Concealer Stick wherever additional coverage is needed.

Applying TruFix Concealer Stick

Step 2. Dip both sides of a shadow brush in the second darkest shade of Eye Enhancers 4-Kit in 'Crystal Waters', and apply colour from the lashline to the crease. (Pro tip: To minimize colour fallout and achieve a nicely blended finish, gently press the colour onto lids instead of using a side-to-side swiping motion.) Blend along the crease using a crease brush.

CoverGirl makeup artist Veronica Chu applies blue eyeshadow to the model's eyelids.

Step 3. Dip a brush in the lightest shade of Eye Enhancers 4-Kit in 'Crystal Waters' and apply it under brows as a highlight. Use a smaller liner brush to apply the same shade in the inner corners of the eyes, and along the inner half of the lower lashline.

CoverGirl makeup artist Veronica Chu highlights the model's browbone.

Step 4. Line eyes with Ink It! By Perfect Point Plus in 'Aquamarine Ink', concentrating colour along the upper lashline and waterline, and the outer half of the lower lashline. Go over the liner with a small liner brush to smudge out the line.

CoverGirl makeup artist lines the model's eyes with blue eyeliner.

By this time, you might have some blue eyeshadow fallout on your face, in which case you'll find Chu's pro tip useful: Dip a soft makeup brush in concealer or foundation—something with a tacky texture—and lightly whisk the brush over the face. The sticky makeup on the bristles will collect any stray pigment particles.

CoverGirl makeup artist Veronica Chu applies mascara to the model's lashes.

Step 5. Apply Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara in black. Chu likes to apply the first coat by holding the brush horizontally and wiggling it from base to tip, as shown above. Then, she holds the brush vertically and applies another coat by wiggling over lashes section by section with the tip of the brush, from base to tip. Applying the second coat like this lets you position where your lashes go; for example, you can fan them upward or wing them out at the corners of the eyes.

CoverGirl makeup artist Veronica Chu tames the model's brows with clear mascara.

Step 6. Fill in sparse brows with Brow and Eyemakers Pencil using short, feathery, upward strokes. Brush stray hairs in place with clear Professional Natural Lash Mascara.

Sweep blush on the apples of cheeks

Step 7. Swipe a blush brush across all three shades of Clean Glow Blush and lightly apply to the apples of the cheeks using short, light, downward motions. "The brush should just fall off the face," Chu explains.

Apply a rosy lip colour

Step 8. To finish, apply a rosy lip colour like CoverGirl Lip Perfection in 'Darling'. Instead of applying straight from the bullet, dab lips lightly and then smudge with the fingers for a pretty stain effect.

Easy peasy, even for blue eyeshadow phobes like myself, right? Is this a look you would try?

A close-up of the finished look

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  1. Really pretty! I can't wear blue though .. my eyes are green and it just doesn't work for me .. I can wear navy eyeliner though :-)


    1. Green and purple go together really well, and I can see these techniques working very well with purple shadow and liner.

  2. So pretty. Really looks very soft and lovely on you!

    1. Hehe that's not me but the lovely demo model. But thanks!


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