Latest Outfit: White Noise

Black and white Breton striped top and white eyelet skirt for summer
Club Monaco top | Bootlegger Temperance 'Marlowe' skirt (c/o) | J. Crew Factory sandals | Chanel WOC bag | KOMONO shades (c/o)

For whatever reason, life lately seems to feel so much more draining. Maybe it's the post-vacation struggle to get back into the swing of things, but I think it has more to do with the fact that I'm constantly toggling my attention between five projects at work, and home and blog priorities. All that context-switching can really do a number on a girl's focus, energy, and efficiency.

Black and white Breton stripes and oversize black sunnies

To cope, I've been trying to simplify and streamline my life as much as possible. If this outfit bears a few similarities to last week's, it's because I've developed a uniform of sorts: a top and an A-line, easy-to-wear skirt with only the most basic of summer accessories (sandals, shades, bag). Bonus points if it's in classic black and white.

I've also adopted a pseudo-Pavlovian "Can't deal!" reflex to incoming messages. When an email arrives in my inbox that has nothing to do with what I'm working on at that moment and isn't marked urgent, I say to myself "Can't deal!" and flag it for closer reading or follow-up later. Then I dedicate a half hour to an hour to going through them, mostly at the end of the day when I'm feeling very tired. Small trick of the mind, yes, but it's so liberating to give myself permission to not respond right away and maintain focus.

Do you have any tricks to deal with context-switching? Do tell!

Chanel WOC
Black and white Breton striped top and white eyelet skirt for summer
Black and white Breton stripes and oversize black sunnies
Chanel WOC, white eyelet skirt, and KOMONO shades


  1. Firstly, this is pretty much my daily go-to outfit. And gosh, I love your cross-body!!! When it comes to context switching? I avoid it, I usually feel so burned out. Ha, must be my old age creeping in! ;) I usually chunk out my day and focus on the task at hand + I also set time limits on everything, this helps me work faster and more concisely! xo V

    PS - Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my post about blogging. Wonderful hearing your point of view, Lisa. I'm excited to see how this blog community will evolve over the next few years!!

    1. Chunking the day certainly helps!


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