5 Awesome Things To Shop For During January Sales

1. Cashmere sweatshirt ($198 $135) | 2. Sparkly statement necklace ($56.50 $22.50) | 3. White tee ($69.50 $23.99) | 4. Breton stripes with gold dots ($64 $28.99) | 5. Cozy mittens ($35 $24.99)

We're now officially in post-holiday no man's land: winter wares have been picked over, but it's still too cold and early to enjoy spring arrivals. My strategy for shopping the January sales is to look for wear-now items like cashmere sweaters and warm mittens in neutral hues. This is also a good time to replace worn-out staples like everyday tees and Breton stripes on the cheap. And of course, a little sparkle via a new necklace certainly doesn't hurt to breathe fresh life into what you already own.

What have you been shopping for this month?


  1. I await spring collections despite it still being snowy and very cold here. I'm on the lookout for a winter jacket.

    1. Slim pickings out there for winter jackets, but if you find one that suits you it'll probably be a really good deal. Good luck!


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