Latest Outfit: The New Uniform

Burnt sienna overcoat, Breton stripes with gold polka dots, jeans, Chanel 2.55, black tassel loafers

The wedding seemed so far away when we were on the other side of 2015, toasting Christmas and the New Year, saying smugly to ourselves, "Oh, it's not for another 9 months!" But the truth is we are already well into 2015 and the first half of January is already gone. That in itself is making me anxious as it's given me a taste of how quickly the next 8 months will slip by. Suddenly it's imperative that we send out our save-the-dates, and there's the guest list to finalize, and my future sister-in-law is asking if I'm planning to have a rehearsal dinner. What's more, the everyday stuff—like the boy's school and salsa team, and my blog—seem to be keeping us busier than ever.

In spite of all this, I'm going to try my best to not let stress and anxiety get to me. One of my coping methods is getting more exercise (side note re. exercise: I'll be doing a fun giveaway very soon). The other is to streamline relatively trivial decisions like what to wear by sticking to a uniform. Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama swear by this lifehack and its ability to free up mental capacity for more pressing matters. And even though most of us aren't running a top tech company or an entire country, there are times we get busy and resort to wearing almost the same thing every day, no? Or at least I do. (In fact, this outfit looks a lot like this one from September.)

Jeans, stripes, loafers, overcoat: check, check, check, check. Happy Monday, dear readers!

J. Crew foil dot tee layered over white silk blouse
Chanel 2.55
Chanel 2.55 and Lover burnt sienna cocoon coat
Skinny black denim, Chanel 2.55, black tassel loafers
Cocoon coat and a fun twist on Breton stripes

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