Latest Outfit: Behind The Scenes

Fur pom beanie, black blazer, white paisley eyelet tee
J. Crew blazer and tee (similar) | Madewell jeans | Aldo shoes (similar) | Longchamp bag | Club Monaco beanie (similar) | Lips: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick 'HD Orchid' | Nails: Dior Vernis 'Porcelaine' (similar)

Most days outfit photos take a matter of minutes to snap, but yesterday was another story. Everything seemed off somehow: the angles, the setting, the lighting, the composition. My hair was flipping out weirdly at the ends. The area we were shooting in was very high-traffic, so we constantly had to wait for people to move out of frame before proceeding and I felt awkwardly self-conscious the entire time.

My original outfit—a chambray shirt unbuttoned and layered over the white paisley tee but under the black blazer—felt bulky and photographed like a giant square. I shed the chambray shirt for these shots. Afterward, I changed into just the chambray shirt in a nearby restroom and put on hand warmers because by then, it was too cold to wear just the tee and blazer. Then I found I actually liked the latter outfit better, but I was too sick of the photo ordeal to do it again. We made a pit stop for coffee and walked back to the boy's car—and found a parking ticket on the dash.

A lot of minor annoyances, yes, but in the end it's all about perspective, no? We're lucky to be living in such a mild climate that I can go out in a tee and blazer (albeit with a thermal tank underneath), sans socks, and not risk catching pneumonia. I'm lucky to have a fiancé who's patient and supportive enough to take these photos. And I'm very lucky and grateful to have you guys as readers.

Here's to keeping that positive perspective intact as we plunge into the week ahead. Happy Monday!

Transitional weather black-and-white look
Fur pom beanie and powder blue nails
White paisley eyelet and powder blue mani
Transitional winter-to-spring dressing


  1. Hi Lisa! I'm totally with you. Some photoshoots take way longer than others. Location, weather, hair, poses...sometimes all of those conspire against me! I've returned after a photoshoot to find a ticket on my car as well. It's the WORST. You know, I complain a heck of a lot about our rain. I'm always like ''if I lived in California....'' ''blah blah sunny days'' ''longer days''...but you're right, we're on the West Coast, aka the only place in Canada right now where we can shoot outfit photos without freezing our face off (and where our photographers can keep all their fingers), so you're right, it's all about attitude. Thanks for the reminder. We're very fortunate, and you're so lucky to have Lawrence take your photos! What a sweet guy.

    You look really lovely in your outfit. You pull off loafers soooo well and your skin is as enviable as always.

    Stuff I Love

    1. Aw thanks, Jenny! And likewise, your little bro deserves major props for the great job he does on your photos.

  2. Oh, I hear ya .. I put on an outfit (think it's fabulous) and it photographs terrible~ ugh, back to the drawing board, but perhaps if it looks bad on the camera, it looks bad in real life? Ah, well .. life of a blogger ;-)


    1. Glad I'm not the only one who has these tribulations haha.


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