Bridal Style: Beautiful Brows

Tips for your best wedding day brows from Blink Brow Bar owner, experienced, aesthetician, and all-around brow guru, Kiran Darred.

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the eyebrows are the all-important frame, and on a bride's big day, this frame had better be in tip-top shape—for photos, loving gazes, warm smiles, and every moment in between. I recently had the chance to pick the brain of Blink Brow Bar owner Kiran Darred for her tips on how to get the best brows possible. Because brows grow so slowly, her advice starts as early as 6 months in advance, which means if you have a summer wedding like I do you better sit up and pay attention. (And hey, even if you're not getting married, good brows never hurt anyone, right? The advice still applies.) More after the jump!

What are the trends you're seeing for eyebrows in general?

Thick, long and arched is what I get the most requests for. The trend used to be for very thin eyebrows but that has changed and people want a fuller look.

What are the top concerns that brides-to-be express when they visit Blink?

Most of the time our bridal clients are worried that their eyebrows are too thin, overplucked and/or uneven. Often we have clients that come in with two differently shaped eyebrows from overplucking or wax jobs done from someone who isn't a professional.

What are your best eyebrow beauty tips for a bride-to-be?

Ideally, we ask that brides come and see us 6 months before their wedding day. This allows us to assess their brow shape and have enough time to perfect their desired brow look. Sometimes short or over-plucked eyebrows can take up to 6 months to grow! 2 months in advance, come in for general maintenance where we will check areas to see if the brows are still growing. At this time we can also change the shape according to the growth. 1 month in advance, come by for general maintenance and cleanup. NO PLUCKING!

A few days in advance, visit your brow care professional for a last cleanup and shape touch-up. It is better to do this a few days before as hair does not grow back in a couple days and it will avoid any risk of getting bumps or redness, which can happen when you're going through a stressful time (like planning a wedding!).

Which celebrities' eyebrows do you admire most and why?

I like Priyanka Chopra's eyebrows - her thick, long brows are perfectly shaped to match her oval face and long eyelids. Also, Camilla Belle's eyebrows are beautiful and very natural-looking. Her thick, slightly arched brows are not too long, and her eyebrow gap is small to make her wide set eyes appear closer. For me, it's all about the right shape to complement the face.

A lot of women are trying to grow out overplucked arches for a fuller brow. What would your advice be to a bride finds herself in this position?

I suggest using natural hydration oils, such as olive oil or coconut oil, to stimulate the hair follicles, which helps the hair grow. Apply one or two drops every night for best results!

What's one thing women should start doing with their brows?

Using brow make up to fill in eyebrows for a fuller appearance is great place to start a new regiment for your eyebrows. Our staff is happy to show you how to apply brow make up for a natural look.

What's one thing women should stop doing with their brows?

Don't pluck your brows if possible. It rips out the hair follicles and can lead to permanent damage and unsightly regrowth. If you NEED to pluck, don't overdo it. Only remove stray hairs and wait to do any serious shaping until you can get a professional to thread them for you.

Image courtesy of Blink Brow Bar.

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