Ever Clever Boots Not So Clever?

I saw these lovely maroon leather boots on the Anthropologie website. They're called Ever Clever Boots because they have two built-in pockets on the side so that you can stash necessities (cash, a small cell phone, lip gloss) for a night out and not have to carry a purse. I'm sure every woman dreams of that at one point or another when she's out clubbing, and even a small wristlet can feel like a hassle as she's dancing with some guy.

However, upon closer examination, perhaps these boots aren't as clever as they claim to be. For one thing, they're pull-on boots rather than zip-up, which makes them harder to put on. The other thing about them that puts me off is the height of the heel; anything above 2.5" kills my feet. These boots weren't made for walking, that's for sure.

If these boots tickle your fancy and you have feet that can stand the torture of sky-high heels, you can find them here for $288.

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