Translated: Alejandro Sanz

I've been feeling kind of blue lately...yes, even more blue than all those cocktail dresses I was coveting about a week ago. One of the things I always do when I feel like this is listen to sappy Spanish love songs, and nobody does a sappy love ballad like Alejandro Sanz. I like his lyrics because they're more demanding than the standard pop fare, which also makes the love songs richer and more satisfying to listen to when you're going through a hang-up.

My Spanish is very rough at best so the translation below may be a little off. If you want to watch the video, click here.

I'm dedicating this post to myself, my friends, and anyone else going through a hang-up at the moment.

Amiga Mia

Friend of mine, I know, you live only for him,
he knows it too, but he doesn't see you
like I do. I beg you to listen to what my mouth says
what I have confessed between drinks:
it is with your skin he dreams at night,
he goes mad with each button that
you undo thinking of his hands.
He hasn't seen you tremble, waiting
for a word, gesture, or embrace.
He doesn't see you like I do breathing
with eyes wide open.
Listen to me as I say this.
Oh friend of mine, I know it and so does he.

Friend of mine, I don't know what to say
or do to see you happy.
I hope I'd be able to give you soul or freedom,
that which is lacking;
to fill your pockets with wars won,
with dreams and renewed illusions.
I want to give you a poem;
You think I"m giving you the news.

Friend of mine, I hope one day you'll listen to my song,
soon; you understand that what I never wanted
was to tell your story
because I'd become sentimental.
But, forgive me, friend of mine,
it's not intelligence, neither is it wisdom,
this is my way to say things.
This is not just my work, this is my language.

Friend of mine, princess of an infinite fairytale...
Friend of mine, I only pretend that you count on me.
Friend of mine, one of these days
I'll learn to speak
without having to be so indirect,
to say that all of this story matters to me,
because you're my friend.


  1. I absolutely enjoyed your poem. I know when I write my poems they come from past experiences the way I see the world.

  2. Thanks for the kind comment, but as I mentioned, this isn't my poem; it's my translation of a Spanish pop song by Alejandro Sanz. :-)

  3. This is so beautiful....I have being fan of Alejandro Sanz for more at least 12 years and I'm spanish and I underestand what you feel about his songs....I have a song of him for everyday of my life...I hope more english speaking people will get to know him more and enjoy his powerfull lyrics and music.....Thanks for the post and the translation....

    There is an Alejandro Sanz page for English speakers...You are invited to participate. We also have a forum were there are discussion in english about his songs.....


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