Fickle Boot Fancies

So as it turns out, boot love is as addictive as relationship drama, a box of Christmas chocolates or a trashy TV show: once you start you can't stop. Ever since I bought my first pair of boots earlier this season, I can't stop noticing boots, whether it's a cute pair worn by some girl out and about in the city or one of the many pairs on sale during this time of the season. And while I love the way my black leather Aldo boots look with tights and skirts, I've found that they're too tight around my calves to wear against bare skin comfortably and I definitely can't tuck jeans into them. That leaves me with a roving eye...and what does my fickle heart settle on but another pair of boots?!

This time around, the boots that caught my eye are slightly slouchy, flat-heeled gray suede beauties from Sterling, with oversized burnished silver buckles around the calf and right by the ankle. I can't stop picturing how nice they'd look with a pair of skinny jeans tucked in and an oversized sweater coat, or a sweater dress and thick opaque tights, or an outfit composed entirely of silver, black, and blue. Perhaps best of all, they're on sale for a ridiculous price: $70, which is half of what I paid for my Aldo boots.

I spent forever trying to find a picture of them online, but neither Sterling nor its sister company Joneve seem to have posted these boots on their website, and as I found out after two hours of searching, it's not easy to Google an image of your dream pair of boots when all you have to go on is a vague description and not even the brand. So here is a picture of a black leather boot which I think closely resembles my dreamy gray suede pair in terms of design.

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