My Boxing Day Finds

In spite of the massive discounts everywhere, I bought a lot less this year than I did last year, and the bulk of my purchases were basics (tights, undies, layering camis). Part of the reason for this is there's nothing I really need. Another part of it is my aversion to crowded places. Indeed, my desire to shop on Boxing Day was propelled by a fervent desire to get out of my house after being snowed in for 2 days more than anything else.

My longing for a gray cardigan (as expressed in this post) had gone unsatisfied--until now, that is. You can't get more classic and preppy than this Jacob cardigan, with its fitted silhouette, deep V, embroidered crest, and little patch pockets. I like the large buttons, too--much easier to do and undo than the long row of too-small buttons on some cardigans.

Oh my goodness, I found a toque!! Once again, it was H&M for the win. This thick-knit number cost $7.90, and it really was the texture of the yarn that made all the difference in my eyes. If I get too bored with the plain white, I'll pin a brooch on it or something. I also picked up a pair of completely opaque black tights while I was there.

The fingerless gloves are from Urban Outfitters and are made of a wool-angora blend. Funny story about fingerless gloves: I was talking about them with MizzJ one day--she loved them, I complained that they reminded me of cashiers in Chinese grocery stores who would wear them for warmth and dexterity. However, this two-toned pair with the darling knit bow and button details may have changed my mind. Aside from looking cute, these gloves have a fantastic upside: I can now scroll through songs on my iPod without having to take my gloves off when I'm waiting for my bus.

I also found some cheap undies (0.97 at the Gap--no kidding!) and the perfect white layering camis at Zara. I decided that I loved my new gray cardigan so much that I would stop by Jacob a second time for a more thorough look. It was then that I found this satiny little menswear-inspired vest.

What were your Boxing Day finds? Did you shop more than usual this year because of the deep discounts?


  1. Cute finds, Lise, especially the gloves and toque! You'll be pleased to hear that I have been so, so good - I haven't bought a single thing in San Francisco (but mostly because all the things I actually like are ridiculously expensive, or else you can find the same thing in Van). Made a quick trip to Anthropologie and didn't even see a single thing I wanted. I thought of you when I went in there. See you soon and happy new year!

    PS great weekend round-up.

  2. The embrodiered cardigan is so cute. Cant wait to see what outfits you come up with.

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  4. i love that vest! =) it brings to mind jazz shoes, lindy hop, bowler hats...

    shopping on boxing day was the best! i just loved all the amazing sales...i think it's only in the U.S that the sales are so good. those fingerless gloves are really cute. hope you had a great new year! =)

  5. That cardigan is great. I've tried on so many (I want a v-neck with a close fit that hits at my natural waist)--it's starting to feel like the Holy Grail.

  6. I wish we had an H&M here in Dallas. I didn't know undies at the Gap could get so low in price! :O

  7. I didn't shop myself, but adore all your finds. Especially that vest - look forward to seeing how you style it.

  8. Megs, it's lovely to hear from you! I hope you're having a blast in San Fran.

    Ambika, have you tried Banana Republic? They had some merino wool cardigans similar to what you're describing on sale there the last time I checked. But I know what you many of the cardigans out there are slouchy boyfriend cardigans or flimsy or whatever. :P

    Gladys, I didn't know they could go that low either! I was pretty stoked because I've been meaning to stock up on basic cotton undies.

  9. Sal, I desperately want to wear the vest with a fedora or a Panama hat. (I'm adding those items to my spring shopping list!)

  10. I am droolong over the satin vest you found!!!
    My find on boxing day was a fleece jacket and a chocolate colored sweater that looks great over white shirts at Smart Set for cheap!

  11. Excellent finds, darling! I got a hat quite similar to yours in cranberry :)


    P.S. 2 points for the alliterative comment on my purple post, L!

  12. good scores! The cardigan is excellent

  13. Nice picks! I'm hoping to go to UO eventually and pick me up some fingerless gloves or armwarmers myself :)

  14. Those gloves are adorable, I am really digging them!

  15. those buys are AMAZING. :) the hat, gloves, the vest, oh and that cardigan.... so beautiful!!

    thank you for leaving such a sweet comment, darling!

    La C.

  16. nicely done! love the waistcoat and the cardigan. I got my gloves/toque/scarf set at h&m too!

  17. those are great finds!!! i was thisclose to buying those fingerless gloves at urban outfitters - they were such a good deal!

  18. Avoiding Ipod woes get fingerless gloves! I'm sick of taking off my gloves too! Hahaha Love the post. BTW excellent finds.


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