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A Few Goody GumDrops - A Few Goody Gumdrops tells you how to own a Rockstar!
Aysha’s Rabbit Hole - my new creation! still working on it though!
Capitola Girl Jewelry Blog - brick house reds
Couture Allure - Couture Allure takes a three day look at the inaugural fashions worn by Jacqueline Kennedy.
Debutante Clothing - Mad for Vintage at the Golden Globes
Dogmom’s Dish - Hayden Harnett for Target: The Good, The Bad, The So So
dramatis personae - Etsy Designers: Mischief, My Dear! Shop Launch & giveaway!
fashion in my eyes - Blake in Vogue
fete a fete - Spring denim by Freedom of Choice & interview with founder Nathan Menashe
Independent Fashion Bloggers - Swag Etiquette: How to approach the ‘freebies’ in blogging.
Iwanttowearit - Come along as we mine Flickr’s Commons for fashion-related history lessons. Take a trip to Pie Town at the tail end of the Depression.
Mademoiselle Robot - Vintage inspiration for Spring fashion.
Nico Assatly - Old School Spring Favorite : American Eagle!
Retro Chick - Brighten up the dull winter days
Shopping and Info - Shopping and Info found some great deals on Graydn leather motorcycle jackets, Ella Moss, and Lily Mcneal cashmere this week.
Studio Purpura - Vicente Villarin - A Fashion Newcomer that Dares to Dream!
Style Symmetry - Eyeliah loves props in outfit photos, do you?
THE COVETED - Become Red Lip Royalty: Interview with Lipstick Queen founder Poppy King
the musings of ondo lady - Meet Stephanie Savage, the queen of teen dramas such as The OC and Gossip.
two months rent - i’ll take (or make) one of those a diy braided chain necklace


  1. ahh... you're reading harry potter right now. reading or re-reading? what do you think?

  2. Re-reading. :) I enjoyed it, but I'm still having trouble understanding why he didn't die.

  3. I totally can't remember the last book. I read it when it first came out and my mind is now drawing a complete blank...

  4. Asian Cajuns, same here. This is only my second time reading the 7th book. I like Hermione's beaded evening bag, the one that can hold loads of stuff.

  5. HP nerd here. He didn't die because Voldemort only killed the horcrux in Harry (i.e. Harry was the horcrux). Maybe someone else can explain it

  6. Hmm what Em said sounds right. My understanding was that Harry was protected because his mother died to save him, and his capacity for love prevented Voldemort from possessing him so his soul was safe and intact, which means when Voldemort zapped him he only killed the fragment of his soul living in Harry. Or something like that? But I don't get the significance of the "double bond" tying Harry to Voldemort because Voldemort used Harry's blood to revive himself.


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