Go Forth And Vote!

These people know the power of voting, and so should you!

They say a person can be judged by the company they keep. If that's the case, I hope some of the awesomeness of the Best Fashion Blog nominees in the 2008 Weblog Awards rubs off on me. Three of the nominees are on my blogroll: One of them apparently wants to be my new best friend (it's a deal, Winona!), and one of them was my standout NYC tour guide around the Upper West Side.

I highly encourage you to go here and vote for one of my blogosphere buddies:
  1. Daddy Likey: Since Winona hasn't even mentioned her nomination in a blog post, I will step in and do her shameless self-promoting for her.
  2. Wendy Brandes Jewelry: She's been campaigning pretty hard and one of her campaign speeches used "faux-mosexual" and "quixotic" in the same post. C'mon, you have to give her props for her impressive vocabulary.
  3. Broke and Beautiful: Miss Elle sent me a thank-you note after I left the first of many comments on her blog. Such a well-mannered lady, that one.
While you're at it, go here and vote for My Mom is a Fob, the humour blog founded by the lovely Teresa Wu.

You can vote once every 24 hours and voting ends January 13th.

Additionally, my friend Adam has entered the RBC Next Great Innovator Challenge and made it to Round 2. Basically, this is a competition where teams of students come up with an innovation or idea for RBC to adopt. Adam's team is Team #4, and can I just say that, as someone who studied international political economy and now works at a software company, the idea of an online dashboard for portfolio management is genius? If the 2008 Weblog Awards haven't exhausted your insatiable appetite for voting, go here and vote for Team #4. You can vote once every 24 hours and voting ends January 21st.


  1. Oh, I love My Mom is a Fob. I'm pretty sure I voted for them.

  2. Aw, shucks, thanks! On your next visit we'll have to do the Upper East Side.

  3. P.S. My Mom is a Fob is hilarious!


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