Fleece Blazer Finds

Photo by Felix Yuen

This green fleece blazer from the PLEN+Y sample sale has become quite the workhorse lately in my transitional spring wardrobe. And with the constant wear, I've discovered why fleece blazers may have a place alongside tailored blazers as a wardrobe essential:
  • They have all the comfort and coziness of a beloved hoodie, minus the sloppiness.
  • So warm and perfect for early evening walks, blustery days, chilly evenings, beach bonfires...the list goes on...
  • Unlike lightweight blazers made of cotton, linen, or twill, fleece is pretty much wrinkle-proof.
  • If you get barbecue sauce on your sleeve at the long weekend patio party, you can toss your blazer in the washer. No dry cleaning required!
Practical advantages aside, picture one of these numbers with skinny jeans and flats, short shorts, or a flowy jersey dress.

Puma 'Nuala' blazer (Overstock.com, $140.84 Cdn). A colourful blazer can add pizazz to an otherwise neutral-coloured outfit. I'm kind of in love with the coral one on the left.

'Working for the weekend' blazer (Modcloth.com, $47.99). This one has a lining, but just look at it! Everything about it says "softness"--the perfect shade of gray, the cotton exterior. This blazer would make a great alternative to the cardigan for over-air-conditioned offices.

Mike and Chris 'Travis' fleece jacket (Nordstrom, $114). It's casual and relaxed, yes, but the button cuffs and pocket details make this blazer worth a second (and a third, and a fourth) look.

How do you feel about fleece blazers?


  1. I like them!! I really want some colored ones.

  2. I'm not sure about the fleece blazers but you look fabulous in the photo! I sent your letter last week by the way :)

  3. i'd never really thought about fleece blazers before, but I really like the idea! Yet another thing to add to my list to look out for! :)

  4. they are warm but too casual for me. You look fab in that picture. love your hat!

  5. I've shied away from these, but the Modcloth one is absolutely darling!

  6. you look so pretty in the photo!! If I were a guy, I'd totally creep you on facebook :-p.

    I like the idea of fleece blazers, comfort, ease of washing and all... but I don't like how fleece doesn't hold its shape as well. I'm pretty sure if I owned one though I'd live in it!

  7. they look very comfy, like i could sleep in it so thats a plus for me, but they'll never replace the other blazers that i have in my closet. ;P

    i love that hat btw :)

  8. I love blazers Lisa, and you look so gorgeous on the first picture with the hat :-) Hope you have a lovely day, much love: Evi

  9. I have a F21 fleece one or two and I LOVE THEM! So comfy - my number one complaint about blazers normally is how stiff they are sometimes and fleece totally rocks in that department :)

  10. I like the idea but have yet to see one I really want.

  11. Hey darling!
    I'm not sure about fleece blazers, because I'm yet to find one that I like. However I'm really loving the one you have...hehe:)and the hat looks awesome on you:)


  12. They look cozy. I think as long as they aren't pretending to be something they aren't.. it's all good. They should be deconstructed and slightly loose-- boyfriend sweater style. Otherwise, it looks like a wilty wool.

  13. fleece lined hooded jackets are great and it never runs out of style that's why they are "in" up to now


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