Vintage Swimwear By Popina

Despite the gray and blustery weather we've been having lately, it's only be a matter of time before the sun shines constantly and beach season is upon us! Whether you've been dreading the big reveal or you're working out like a banshee to look good in a bikini, a cute swimsuit ranks high on the list of beach and pool time essentials--a fact I was reminded of recently when I received an email from designer Pamela Levenson of Popina Swimwear.

Originally from Victoria, BC, Pamela is now based in Portland, OR, where she runs her brick-and-mortar boutique and sells her swimwear online. Popina draws its inspiration from the retro chic swimsuits of the 40s and the 50s--fun, feminine, figure-flattering silhouettes that are stylish without, ahem, letting it all hang out. I especially love the one-piece suits with boy-cut bottoms and halter ties.

The retro halter style ($75) is available in an adorable heart print as well as other colours. I like how the black one channels screen siren sexiness.

The 'Sadie' ($78) keeps things cute and covered-up.

Popina isn't all about the Esther Williams-inspired one-piece swimsuits, though. For those chicas who love their bikinis or simply want to mix and match swimwear looks, the label has a variety of options in tops, bottoms, and tankinis. Definitely check out Popina's website if you're frustrated with swimwear shopping in your hometown!


  1. wow your blog is really nice . nice to know you .

    *hope we can be friends .

  2. Ach! SUCH cute styles. If only I were a swimmer ...

  3. That heart print halter is so lovely :) Haha and definitely working out like a banshee for summer, tis hard work, but hopefully pays off in the end!

  4. Yay go Victoria gals!! As you know I've been lusting for a sexy one-piece for awhile, I'll have to check these out, thanks :)

  5. Ooo I've been looking for retro swimwear- thanks for the link! So much better than matching everyone else in their UO swim suits ;)

  6. Yay let's bring back the tasteful one-piece!

  7. oooh, i'm going to tell my gf about this. she's been on the hunt for retro looking swimwear. thx, lisa!

  8. Cute...but those longer-leg styles don't do ANYTHING for me.

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  10. The red one looks simple yet classy. i like it. I would love to wear it when I hit the beaches this summer. It is more fun to party in the beach when you are confident with what you are wearing. koh lanta holidays


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