My Spring Shopping List

This season, I'm planning to replace some of the well-worn basics in my wardrobe and add a couple of items to round out the gaps. My shopping list for spring/summer right now consists of:
  • A straw fedora (bought already; I snapped up this number from UO)
  • Black crew neck tees (to replace the ones that are fading and losing their shape from too much wear)
  • A white scoop-neck tee (the perfect casual cool complement for a denim skirt)
  • A simple low-back dress (to make me feel sizzlin' when I go out clubbing!)
  • One or two tops with interesting detailing (to wear with jeans for salsa nights)
  • Blue bikini bottoms (to go with a patterned bikini top from Mexico)
  • A black bustier (bought this already from local designer Malene Grotrian--yay!)
  • Beige heels (I just love the look of them)
  • A short-sleeved white button-down shirt (to wear under the bustier and vests)
  • Black yoga capris (to wear with long tunic tops...less danger of camel toe and indecent exposure than with plain old leggings, I hope)
It's a simple enough shopping list and I'm planning to scratch off a couple of these items when I go shopping with MizzJ this weekend, especially the basic pieces (American Apparel anyone?). Honestly, I haven't had the time or the desire to shop without a set agenda lately except for the Army & Navy shoe sale, which I went to on April 22nd. Stay tuned; I'm posting about my finds from that sale tomorrow.

What's on your spring shopping list? Tell me in the comments, or if you've posted about it on your blog, leave me a link!


  1. Straw fedoras & nude pumps are on mine =]

    La C.

  2. Man, do I need cardigans. But also just stocked up on colored tanks - if you need AA basic basics, L, check out Y-Que. Slow as molasses with the shipping, but damn good prices:

    Tho with shipping to Canadia, maybe it's not such a fabulous deal ...

  3. Wow. My spring shopping list is growing and growing as we speak :) I do need some soft, basic tees for layering, maybe a simple nude colored tank, another fun cocktail dress (NOT black I have enough of those!), a pair of NOT black sunglasses, a "statement" costume jewelry necklace and a nice laptop bag/work bag that doesn't look... Palo Alto for lack of a better word :)

  4. Hmm I'm looking for some sunglasses, nude heels too! another pair of gladiators (heart them), a paisley and/or patterned silk/chiffon scarf, something floral, a sexy one-piece bathing suit. So looking forward to our shopping trip! I've also been curious about a leather bomber for a long time, though I doubt we'll see any of those.

  5. I need white scoop neck tees too. Summer will be way too hot this year!

  6. I'm looking at some of the low-back dresses from American Apparel. They'd be great for summer nights out, and also to layer... also a funky bib necklace! :)

    I LOVE that hat on you, by the way. So sassy!

  7. OO! Cute looks..gonna work on your letter this Monday :) I mentioned you in an interview with Danielle of Final :)

  8. this is a great list !!!!!!!so practial. and yes NUDE PUMPS are on my list !!!!!! LOVEEEE!

  9. Nude pumps for sure! And my latest blog for a night out...drooling!

    :) XOXO

  10. I'm sifting through my closet to see what needs to be replaced – so many things that have given plenty of good use but need to go. Love those pumps and the basic tops. I keep things pretty simple these days when it comes to clothes.


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