The Midway Check-Up

Instead of a normal blog post, I thought I'd shake things up and open the discussion up to my readers. If you're a regular commenter, you know that I value your comments and opinions and I'd love to hear you chime in. If you've been a lurker all this time and have yet to comment, please take the plunge with this post! You can use the name/URL option and just leave your name if you don't have a website, or you can comment anonymously, but in any case I'd be delighted to hear from you.

So, topic for today: New Year's resolutions and 2009 goals. As May winds down and we head towards the latter half of 2009, think long and hard about what you set out to do in January. Do you still remember your initial goals? How much progress have you made? What were your successes and challenges? Have your goals changed or have you uncovered new ones you want to carry through with you for the rest of 2009?

I'll start things off by discussing how much progress I've made with the goals I mentioned in this post:

  • Pursue more opportunities with blogging and writing: Since the beginning of the year I've consistently blogged here and on Stylefinds, networked in the Vancouver fashion industry, attended events and provided coverage. Recently I also became a contributor to Vancouver Fashion Ezine. It's quite a bit, but I also wonder if I'm capable of more before 2009 comes to an end.
  • Travel to at least one new place: Ah this goal I haven't fulfilled yet, but gleeful plans are already percolating in my head for a getaway in autumn to coincide with my champagne birthday.
  • Go salsa dancing 1-2 times a week: I'm pleased that I've more or less kept this up, and nowadays I find that if I don't go dancing regularly I'm bursting at the seams and tapping my feet and bopping my head at my desk. I'm considering stepping this up to 2-3 times a week--for this summer, at least.
  • Incorporate more fruit into my diet: I actually did it!! I went from 0-2 servings of fruit a day to somewhere around 3-5. This is a huge improvement and I actually feel less sluggish as a result of eating better.
However, this year hasn't always been smooth sailing. I still struggle with living in the moment; any setbacks I've experienced with this goal have only reaffirmed that giving up on Big Love this year was the right decision.

Ooh, your turn now! Let's hear it.


  1. I always remember my goals--it's the working towards them each day that's the hard part! I love this post--a great little reminder and some motivation to stay focused!! Hope you're enjoying your day :-)

  2. I don't remember my New Year's goals to be honest. But I do remember that I never end up following them. I remember one of them was to exercise more and get into an actual routine of it but that has yet to happen. My life became busier though, and I'm working lots so I guess that is kind of like exercising? It's good to read that you have made some of your goals. (:

    Kayla @ kaylalinzy.blogspot

  3. You know, HM and I write 5 things we want to come into our lives and 5 things we want to exit our lives every six months and seal them in an envelope. This may sound like a cop-out, but I find I do better with them when I DON'T intentionally focus on them!

  4. This is really great that you've pretty much achieved/kept up with your goals, you should feel proud! Do you have time though to do salsa 2-3 times a week? Seems like you have enough on your plate and little enough do-nothing time without adding to it!

  5. I'm always telling myself to live more in the moment but I fear it's just not in my nature!

  6. Living in the moment is a fabulous resolution!

    Due to disappointment/self-sabotage in past years, I no longer make New Year's Resolutions... But one of my goals for this year was to stay consistent with blogging [and so far so good!] and yours is one of my faves, L!


  7. Well two of my resolutions are:

    to be active and healthy - it's working pretty well. been exercising more regular and avoiding a lot of junk food.

    to take a course/program/lessons in doing something creative - applied for graphics design school for this coming september. if all goes well and i get accepted this resolution will be complete..

    : ) thanks for sharing! by the way, where did you learn salsa from?

  8. Tanya, thanks! I hope you're enjoying your day too.

    Kayla Linzy, work can be just as exhausting as exercise, especially when you have a job where you're on your feet all the time.

    Sal, that's a really clever way of goal-setting!

    MizzJ, I'm already doing salsa twice a week. I'll try 3 times a week on a week-to-week basis and see how I fare.

    WendyB, I feel the same way, like I'm just fighting my own nature!

    CC, good for you for keeping up with blogging! Your blog is one of my faves and I'm always in awe of the images you collect for each post; it must take you ages!

    Dummeow, good for you for sticking to your goals. And in answer to your question, I learned from one of the salsa clubs at UBC while I was in school and took lessons at Grupo America for a bit. Now I just go out dancing for fun.

  9. This is a great little post! I'm a big to-do list person so goal setting is a big part of my life.
    Unfortunately being such an anal-retentive wad makes having a goal of being more spontaneous and more in-the-moment a little problematic. Planned spontaneity isn't very spontaneous at all!

  10. I seem to be having trouble- like usual. I can't stick to anything, like a diet or exercise routine. I don't honestly remember them either, but I think I posted them on my lIveJournal before I switched to blogger. It was actually gym class that made me realize that just because I wasn't over weight that I was healthy.

  11. My goal was to be healthier and happier. The health part is slowly getting better, and as for happier? Hopefully that will get better too. Now if I could only quit smoking...

  12. cool, you salsa! i've taken couple of salsa classes here and there, but im not very good. i want to learn every popular dance styles in this world. i tried tango and i find it extremely captivating so i think i'm going to practice more with that.

    as for resolutions..i didn't make any in january as i know from past experience, i always forget what my goals are! i rather just make short term goals because its easier for me to reach them. :)

  13. You go, girl!

    I don't remember my New Year's resolutions... although I feel I may have broken all of them by this point. I recently made a list of 100 things I want to do before I kick it, though. Does that count?

    Also, apparently I am very good at being spontaneous and "living in the moment", so if you would ever like tips... ;)

  14. I can barely remember them. Time to start digging through the blog archives! Good job on yours Lisa~!

    Trisch xo

  15. Wow you are good! I feel like New Year's just happened until I think about my resolutions and then I feel a little sheepish.

    Cath and I did take swim lessons (but still can't swim- haha), and I have been taking better care of myself, but apart from those two, I've been a little remiss. This post will kick me back in gear. Thanks, Lisa!

  16. Aww this is such a great post! You are totally awesome -- fulfilling like 3 out of 4 resolutions is totally awesome...

    Hmm unfortunately I haven't really been keeping up with my resolutions... the only one I can recall is to incorporate more weekly exercise which I sort of have ;p... hmm but other things like maintaining harmonious relationships with family members.. sometimes don't always work out. Good reminder for that, thanks Lisa ;p

  17. My New Year's Resolutions for what has probably been the last 4 years were to get in shape, be more active and lose weight (Freshman 15 (10) victim right here!). Of course, the past 4 years I never even came close to achieving that goal.
    I don't know what happened this year when 2009 rolled around but something inside made me realize that I wasn't being good to my body and as I was getting older, that meant I couldn't continue eating whatever I wanted (and as often as I wanted). I signed up for a fitness boot camp (actually called Booty camp if you can believe it!) for 4 weeks to try out, and then another 4. They are whipping me into shape! The results are becoming noticeable too. I'm losing inches, and gaining muscle. Although I haven't lost a significant amount of weight yet (I actually gained 2 pounds from the last weigh-in!), I feel so much better about myself physically and emotionally than I did before.

  18. Jennifer, wow, good for you!! :-)

  19. Not too sure about the living in moment mantra either, but here's a link tweeted by entrepreneurial master Guy Kawasaki

    There's one point in the article called "Experience your experience" which is an equivalent of LITM but allows you to own your "moments" the way you want.

  20. It's great that you are fulfilling your goals!

    Last year I made the resolution to get into college :P I will be working on essays over the summer.

  21. I don't think I really made any new year's resolutions. It's one of those years for me where you are going to make and want to accomplish goals and you don't need resolutions to do them. The things I have planned to do this year are/were:

    - finish uni (almost done. My exam for my online tech writing course will be Aug 8)
    - get a job in my field (miraculously complete o.O)
    - buy a house (waiting on husband getting a job)
    - move back to Calgary and somehow adjust (working on it. Have to get into the art scene here. I feel so cut off)


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