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Gorgeous Ambika of Into the Fray tagged me to list some of the things that make me happy. Hey, why not? Any time is a good time to reflect and count the blessings in one's life. So, without further ado, here are seven things that make me happy...

  1. Good health. People who have it take it for granted (guilty as charged), people who don't would pay any price to achieve it. I don't often think of it, but when I do I thank my lucky stars that any ailments I have are usually minor and/or curable in a short period of time.
  2. Holding a hot cup of coffee or tea when I have cold hands.
  3. A clean, uncluttered room. I have this organizational philosophy of "everything in its place" and it makes me nuts when stuff piles up where it's not supposed to. At the end of the week, shoes I've worn go back in their boxes, sweaters and coats are aired and hung up, junk piling up on my desk gets sorted and thrown out.
  4. The boy, obviously!
  5. Sleeping in on the weekends.
  6. High-speed Internet connections.
  7. Finding cool costume jewelry at a great price (H&M and Forever 21 are my go-to destinations for these cheap thrills).
What floats your boat these days?


  1. fun tag! tea. definitely hot roiboos tea makes me happy.

    i would say -

    -riding the waves
    -jumping and galloping my horse
    -being upside down

  2. High speed internet conexions will make me happy too. Here in México the internet sucks and is pretty damn expensive :S

    My list:

    Take and look at pictures
    read a magazine with a cup of a good tea
    talk to my boyfriend
    watch a nice romantic comedy

  3. being creative and always learning something new about my field of graphics/web design always makes me happy.

  4. def. agree with you on the clean. uncluttered room. :)

  5. good chocolate on a cold day floats my boat.

  6. Good health!! amen!!

    Hmm...comfy sweatshirts that smell like the boy.

  7. I think I have the same organizational philosophy! I can't even consider relaxing until things are put away.

    Thanks for doing the tag!


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