Hope In Haiti Fundraiser @ Barcelona Lounge Tonight

If you're free tonight and looking for something to do, come out to Barcelona Lounge (1180 Granville St.) for the Hope in Haiti fundraiser! Musical acts include THE WZRDZ and DJ FlipOut, and tons of local businesses have furnished goods and services for the live and silent auctions. All proceeds will be going to the Red Cross. Event organizers Kelsey and Larissa Dundon and Kim Bowie hope to raise $10,000 for the Red Cross tonight--you can help them do it!

I'll be live blogging and tweeting this event, so for those of you who can't make it, check this post for updates at regular intervals beginning at 7pm tonight.

UPDATE 8:11 pm: Well, here I am at Barcelona Lounge! The Internet situation was a little bit dicey at first, but I'm finally connected. Lauryn Hill is playing and guests are beginning to trickle in. Kelsey Dundon, ever the capable organizer, is taking care of some last-minute details. Hmm I should get a drink and check out some of the silent auction items.

Hope in Haiti T-shirts are selling for $30 with all net proceeds going to the Red Cross. See how stylish they are? Get one and help a good cause! C'mon, you know you want to...all the cool kids are doing it.

UPDATE 8:56 pm: Sitting in front of my netbook again with a vodka cran in hand. I'm pleased to announce that the silent auction items are very covet-worthy indeed: costume jewelry from Boudoir in Yaletown, unique feathered pumps by Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess, an autographed Canucks jersey--oh my!

UPDATE 9:43 pm: The music is so good I can't help but chair-dance and Barcelona Lounge is filling up--definitely a good energy here.

The WZRDZ hang out in plain clothes before their show. I can't wait to see them perform!

50/50 draw

The man behind the great tunes at the moment, DJ Soo

UPDATE 10:27 pm: This photo was too good not to share. Here's Kelsey modelling the autographed Gordie Howe jersey that was up for auction. Other prizes were available too: Canucks jersey, a baseball signed by Alex Rodriguez, and some cool hotel and luxury resort packages. Congrats to all the winners, and kudos to them for helping a great cause!

UPDATE 10:49 pm: The WZRDZ are playing and they're absolutely amazing. Packed dance floor. I'm abandoning the netbook and joining everyone else out there, but please follow my tweets for updates for the rest of the evening. Have a good night!

UPDATE 11:26 pm: Okay, I lied--one more update to post before I really sign off for tonight. The WZRDZ performed in full-on wizard-y costumes and beards. You have to love a band that combines synthesizers with wizardry and cowbell.


  1. Have fun! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. Have fun!
    Mike may need you to teach him how to LiveBlog. LOL

  3. Woo! I'm about to get ready, see you soon

  4. Amazing Lisa! So great to have you there live blogging. Such an amazing night! And your photos are hilarious.

    We raised a lot of money (I'll know the exact amount in a few days) for the Red Cross' relief efforts in Haiti so THANK YOU for getting onboard with that!


  5. nice to meet you too! and awesome in live blogging even with the 'technical difficulties'

  6. great post and coverage! it was a lot of fun and kudos to Kelsey and Larissa for their hard work. It was fun tearing up the dance floor with you and Mizz J.

  7. what a wonderful time for a wonderful cause!


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