Today's Outfit: Girls' Night Out

When I was younger, Friday and Saturday nights were synonymous with clubbing. I loved the thrill of getting ready and picking my outfit, a thrill which reached a crescendo when I met up with my friends, heard the beat of the music pounding, and had a drink in hand to sip on. Nowadays, though, there are oodles of reasons why I don't do the bar star routine on weekends anymore: I'm simply too tired after a week of work; I'd rather hang out with the boy and have dinner and watch a movie; a late night out makes me sleep in and leaves me feeling trashed the next day when I should really tackle some of the things on my to-do list; and so on.

Last weekend I made a special exception for a very special friend who was back in town after a long, long time. Self-consciousness and a desire to stay warm prompted me to layer the new top I'd bought in Portland on top of my AA dress. It was a fun out-of-the-ordinary weekend activity, but by the time next weekend rolls around, all I'll be fit for is dinner and a movie, guaranteed.

Are you a laid-back weekender or do you like to party it up when Friday night rolls around?


  1. wow! you look amazing :) love the up detail of your dress!!

    I have always dream about owning a Chanel bag, i think i will not get one soon, too expensive, instead perhaps i can buy a pirate one in Shanghai jeje, just kidding.

    Have a looooovely week!


  2. Lisa, you look SMOKIN'! I'm a total homebody, but your amazing outfit makes me wish I hit the clubs more often.

  3. getting ready to go out is always the best part, isn't it? Nice layering!

  4. DAMN GIRL! you look hot! love the shirt paired with the dress, great twist.

  5. I so totally saw you at Nuba on Saturday night, but I didn't think it was you... A fever on my part and glam-makeover on your end of things.

    But wow! You look stunning.


  6. you look's always fun to have a girls night!

  7. This outfit is so cute. I love how you paired the one shoulder piece with the dress.

  8. Cute outfit! I like the subtle touch of the studs and those classic pumps.

  9. great outfit! I am usually a friday night party girl and sat night I have quieter night - dinner/drinks or movies etc I used to do both night every weekend but it's too exhausting!

  10. Wow, incredible look! That Nordstrom top really pulls it all together. I'll be honest - I'm not usually a big fan of American Apparel, but I'm impressed at how you made one of their pieces work for a "girls' night" outfit in a fun but tasteful outfit.

    Good for you for making a shoe purge! Like you, I have a bunch of shoes sitting around that I haven't worn for a year because they are too painful... I just need to bite the bullet and get rid of them to clear some much-needed space.

  11. an awesome looks...
    i envy u..
    wanna have one.. :'(

  12. First of all - this is hot! I especially love those pumps.

    I usually stay in on Friday nights. I used to go out on Fridays a lot more but now I just want to decompress from the whole week. I'm boring on Friday's usually a movie or nintendo games, and bedtime as usual. Saturday is more fun ;-)


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