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I love seeing other fashion bloggers post photos of what's in their handbags. Do they travel with everything but the kitchen sink or pack light? Which beauty products do they deem essential enough to tote around on a daily basis? What do the bag's contents say about the owner overall? Looking at the contents of my bag, I'd say they paint the picture of someone relatively low-maintenance who likes having the necessities with her and feeling prepared for all occasions but isn't too fussy.

The bag: Jumbo Chanel 2.55 in black caviar leather with silver hardware

The goods

  • Teal mini umbrella (for those rainy Vancouver days)
  • Moleskine notebook and Papermate pen (for jotting notes at fashion shows, events, meetings, and designer interviews)
  • Keys (the neon yellow safety whistle helps me find them at the bottom of my bag)
  • Wallet (an oldie but a goodie I purchased on the cheap from Sears)
  • Kleenex
  • Bunny-screened pouch I purchased from the Blim craft fair on Main Street which usually holds Visine eyedrops, lip balm, a small bottle of hand lotion (Aveda), a roll-on vial of Vera Wang Princess, and a ponytail holder
  • Employee badge for getting into my office
  • Cell phone
  • ELF Shine Eraser blotting papers
  • iPod nano (first generation)
  • UBC Alumni business card holder with my "Solo Lisa" business cards inside
Care to share what's in your bag? If you've already done one of these posts, feel free to leave me a link in the comments so I can see what you carry around!


  1. Mostly what's in my bag, is old receipts, post office proof of postage forms, bottle tops and pen lids!

    You look far too organised :D

    Maybe I should do one of these posts, shall I remove the detritus first is the question?

  2. I agree with Retro Chick- you are SO organized! I have receipts, gum containers, mints and flyers and business cards from places I've been or people I've seen. It's a mess ;)

  3. oh lisa... you do NOT want to know what's in my bag... HAHAHAHAH
    if you want.. you can dare to find it at my blog somewhere near the beginning :)

  4. First...I LOVE your bag!! Gorgeous.

    I can't do these tags, my bag is a bottomless pit of lord knows what! :)

    We have matching ipods!

  5. i love that card holder! so cute! and re: ace's purse - crap, how that girl isn't a hunchback, i don't know.

  6. So organized and chic, darling!

    Will have to try those ELF blotting papers!


  7. I love In My Bag posts! I've been putting off doing my own for the longest time. I'm impressed you can actually fit an umbrella in a Chanel!

  8. You've inspired me to clean out my bag. If I took a piture of all my stuff in there - 95% of it would be papers, gum wrappers, and little kid cars.

  9. Lovely bag and you definitely are organized! Although I'm glad you don't seem to be carrying around half your apartment like so many other girls! I force myself to carry a smaller purse around so I don't end up lugging more than I need to. The moleskine is a definite must though... love it!

  10. I always carry:
    -cell phone

    In certain circumstances I'll add:
    -Kleenex (pretty much all winter)
    -eye drops (if I'll be wearing contacts for a long period of time)
    -business card holder (to work and work-related events)
    -book (if I'm taking the bus or train)
    -teeny umbrella (if it may rain)
    -camera and gorilla pod (if I'm going to do blog pictures on the go)

    I have a little table right by my door where I dump these items (or a purse holding them) while I'm home.

  11. you seem very organized!!!

    and your bag is ultra gorgeous!

  12. Your bag is so very organized - I love that everything has a pouch or compartment. Currently my handbag is a little stuffed because I'm using a smaller one and my wallet needs to be emptied of receipts.
    The mini umbrella is so essential - I keep mine handy and store a slightly larger one in my car.

  13. haha we carry very similar items in our handbags! I'm impressed though that you manage to fit all that into your Chanel!

    You've probably read it, but here's my post bag innards post:

  14. I die for that bag! My bag is full of the crap some previous commenters have written about, plus a lot of crumbs, I need to clear it out.

  15. Why hello eye drops buddy! hahaha, you gotta have those if you wear contact lenses though, they're a life saver!

    WOW I have to agree with Retro Chick and Dream Sequins, amazing organizational skills lady! You make me want to run out and buy a pouch for all my little random things in my bag too! (I just might actually haha) but yeah I usually have receipts strewn about my bag and napkins from starbucks lol


  17. Couldn't get past the gorgeousness of your 2.55 to look at what's inside. Ah ha ha

  18. you've inspired me to do one too! i love these posts as well.

  19. I hate being that ... minimal. I live at Ryan's house now and they are so clean -- I need to be able to look around me and see things about. Unfortunately it makes finding things difficult ;)

    Unless I've just cleaned it out. Then I just need some time to break it in.

    I generally carry:
    - wallet
    - keys (tied to the purse)
    - asthma meds
    - notebook or so
    - pen or pencil
    - lip balm
    - lipstick, which i should not carry around as i do not use it often
    - gum, when i've got it
    - business cards that haven't made it to my Wall O Business Cards
    - cell (hopefully)
    - receipts
    - random paper


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