Luxe Or Less: Pyramid Stud Stacking Rings

Studs on clothes and accessories have become a ubiquitous sight, but I still fall for this trend more often than not. Witness my most recent purchase: a set of three pyramid stud stacking rings from Forever 21. At $4.80 for the entire set, it was an easy purchase to justify. Worn together or separately on different fingers, or paired with flashier cocktail rings, these versatile rings can add edge and subtle attitude to basic everyday outfits.

After purchasing my F21 cheap thrill, I spotted stacked stud rings on Rumi of Fashion Toast and instantly felt vindicated in my decision. Hers are from Noir Jewelry and boast 18K gold and rhodium plating. The materials may be infinitely more luxe than the F21 version of the same look, but the good news is that the price tag isn't. At $60 for the set, I'm happy to report that the Noir rings are still within the reach of fashionistas on a budget.

Are you a fan of the studding trend?


  1. I just recently discovered the Noir website for jewelry as well! Mostly because I lost my pyramid stud ring and I know they sell an exact replica with the exception of it being 18K gold plated and about 10x the price of what I paid for the one I got from F21 lol.

    But luckily I found it at F21 today so all is well. Glad to have my ring back. But I love these pyramid stud stacking rings! Great buy!

    Btw, thanks for your comment on my 100th post! Your comment was so sweet and really made my day :)

    The F21 lace tights I wore were actually only $6-7, the usual. I wish I had bought more than one pair. I had no idea what they looked like since I assumed they were lace all around! Oh well.

  2. I almost picked up that trio of Noir rings on Gilt--but had to give them up in favor of some crystal encrusted ones. They're definitely on my wishlist though--I love the combination of hard studs but shiny metals...

  3. i totally love stacked rings and wish i had a set of 3-5. My wedding band is actually a set of 2 stacked rings. that Noir set is very nice - but i'm wary of buying online b/c i don't know my ring size.

    Re fall/winter dressing - i do love cozy sweaters and tall boots too. Fall dressing is one of my faves and we've been lucky this winter that it hasn't been too cold. That said, I'd do anything to have beach weather again right now! I guess it's b/c i just got back from Hawaii...and i want to be back there sooo badly.

  4. cute! i love the ones rumi has! i want them! and at $60? definitely not a bad buy. i anticipated $180. haha

  5. I love the rings and yes, I've been feeling the stud trend, too. I almost bought a pair of black booties with studs on the heels. They were so awesome, but then I thought, how much would I wear them when I'm toting two toddlers around all day every day. Sigh. I still want them, though. I could wear them on date nights. : )

  6. i actually think that i like the f21 version!

  7. I picked up the ones from F21 the other week... love them.

    Love & Aloha,


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