Today's Outfit: I've Got A Crush On Joe

A shopping crush on the new Joe Fresh store, that is. (Don't tell my boyfriend!) Ever since it opened, it's been far too easy to pop in during lunch breaks or after work and I always manage to leave with something. Take this sweater dress for instance. I met my good friend and gorgeous blogger Carolina for a quick lunchtime jaunt to Joe's and vowed not to buy anything. But that resolve weakened at the sight of this lambswool sweater dress with gold accent zippers on the shoulders and all-over gold beading. It's casual yet dressy enough for evenings, a quality that I'm seeking more and more in the clothes I buy these days. The adorable gold owl and wood Toodlebunny earrings from LYNNsteven play up the "casual but dressy" element even more.

Speaking of Joe Fresh, a minor tragedy happened to the camel pullover sweater from this post last week. It was sitting in the laundry sink under a drippy faucet along with some dark wash jeans, waiting to be handwashed. Now there are dark blue splotches on the sleeves that won't come out. I've only worn it once. Once! I hate it when I ruin things out of carelessness. The sweater is inexpensive like most (well, all) Joe stuff is, but it still seems like such a waste. The damage isn't too bad; I still can't decide whether I should replace the sweater. Or maybe I can bring it to the drycleaners and see if they can do something with it.

Misery loves company, so let's commiserate in the comments. Have you ever ruined something in an Unfortunate Laundry Incident, something brand new, irreplaceable, and/or expensive?


  1. Ugh, what a shame about the sweater. I've done that too, and it's the pits.

    All your Joe Fresh posts make me so curious about this line! Seems like a Canadian staple.

  2. I am loving that dress and too bad about the sweater. :(

  3. take it to the drycleaners and see if they can help you. i hate when i ruin my clothes.

  4. I love Joe Fresh. I keep going in once a week and buying more and more! At least it's guilt free shopping!

    Dry cleaners can take that stain out for you.

  5. I have the same relationship with Joe!

    I take a bunch of classes at the SFU campus at Harbour Centre and it is far too convenient to walk down to Granville on class breaks.

  6. Joe is also a LOVER of mine... but my husband knows. I dont know what he hates more... the fact that I spend so much time on him or the fact that he NEVER pays the credit card bills :)

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  7. Terrible! I bet the dry cleaners can do something! I know I check every day :)

  8. I need the earrings and the dress! Love the outfit :)

  9. Well, I've turned an entire load of white laundry a pale pink before, because I forgot about a red pair of underwear mixed in.

    If the dry cleaner can't get it out, maybe you could try dyeing it a darker color? I see Sal do that all the time on her blog!

  10. I've had so many laundry mishaps - you're not alone!

    The best stores are the ones you can visit on your lunch break.

  11. Yes! My favorite wool sweater shrunk in the dryer. RIP favorite sweat. :(

  12. Save the sweater! Let us know if you were able to get it fixed! Thank goodness you were able to show it off in a lookbook photo :)

    I love sweater dresses and have yet to check out the Joe Fresh store. I like how you've paired it with the skinny belt.


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