Converse Holiday 2010 Collection Sneak Peek

Even the staunchest of stiletto lovers needs a break from sky-high heels once in a while, and when she craves comfort over Christian Louboutin, more often than not she reaches for a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors. The ubiquitousness of Chucks has always baffled me as I've never owned a pair myself. So when the PR folks behind Converse invited me to a media preview of their 2010 holiday collection, I accepted, thankful for the opportunity to see what all the fuss was about.

The Wrapping Paper collection

There were Chucks: high-tops, low-tops, in all colours of the rainbow, in canvas and leather, with the classic sole or the more streamlined Slim and Light silhouettes. Jack Purcell sneakers were also plentiful. But the most interesting shoes there were the ones that ventured into new design territory. They experimented with different fabrications (shine, sequins, textured leather, quilting, felt, flannel) and design details while still maintaining Converse's signature styling.

The Slim leather high-tops and oxfords

Vancouverites who hate how rain can soak their canvas Chucks in minutes should pick up a pair of the Slims in tan or gray textured leather. For days when there's light snow on the ground, Converse boots are guaranteed to keep you from slipping and your feet warm with their sturdy treads and cozy fabrications.

And for the little ones, adorable animal-themed Converse sneakers make great gifts.

Thanks to the generosity of Converse, I now have a pair of black canvas Chucks to call my own. It's always interesting how people can wear a pair of Chucks which are nearly identical to someone else's pair but do it in a way consistent with their own style. So how did I wear mine?

  • Earrings (Swarovski)
  • Tie-neck blouse (H&M)
  • Sweater (Joe Fresh)
  • Jeans (Mavi)
  • Sneakers (Converse, obviously!)

Are you a Chucks fan? How do you wear yours?


  1. oh the high top grey ones, I want!!! thanks for stopping by & your comment :)

  2. My hubs and I are totally Cons addicts. I rock my Chucks all weekend long. Now I need sparkly ones!

  3. How timely, Lisa- hahaha! I love how you and Cath even have very similar outfits on with your chucks. I've never owned a pair (but Cath has for years) and I think I might need to venture out and try a pair- especially one of their boots- oolalala.
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

    (p.s. I totally do that with cropped pants, usually I can get away with it if I'm pulling boots over them ;))

  4. I love my black high top chuck t's! I've worn them for years. I'm tempted to get the sequins low tops for the holidays.

  5. Nice! I saw you and VanCityBuzz (I think) talking about this a few weeks ago. I love the leather versions!

    I used to wear Chucks (and Docs) all throughout high school. I'm back to wearing Docs again... AND Chucks!

    Actually I just bought a pair (high tops, like yours) in September but have only worn them twice. I would be apt to wear them with tights and a dress or jeans but I'm not at my "jeans' weight yet :)

  6. Why are you styled perfectly in EVERY SINGLE photo?!? Love this (and envying it)!

    Honestly though I have not worn a pair of converse sneaks since high school... Now that I think about it, that's kind of nuts!

    This post makes me want to go shopping now and get a pair!

  7. Cute! I've always secretly wanted pink ones. I own about three pairs of black ones which have been repeatedly beat up in dance classes. Even though I probably wouldn't wear them everyday, I love how you've styled yours :)

    Xo Chelle

  8. OOOOH! I recently got Chucks! Red high-tops, though, because you know my thing for red shoes!

  9. So cute! Such an unexpected combination and it totally works. I wonder if I could rock Cons...

  10. wow . i've never really thought it justified to spend money on flats. . but the wrapping paper version is wicked!

  11. While I'm a fan of the classic look, the Converse boots are worth trying on!

    Cute outfit - btw, what a fun set of soles to wear with your tie shirt!


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