Eco Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013: Atelier B.

Sustainable materials, local production, innovation, and quality: these are the values that belie atelier b., an emerging label based in Quebec and founded by Catherine Métivier and Anne-Marie Laflamme. Their focus on these core values, as well as their timeless designs, have earned atelier b. mentions in Lucky and FASHION. At their spring/summer 2013 show on Thursday evening, the best of atelier b.'s design signatures was definitely in evidence.

Titled "Exquisitely Slow," the collection invokes the languorous sensuality of summer days and a clear sense of nostalgic yearning. At the same time though, the clothes feel fresh and modern. A blue-and-white gingham shirtdress and perfectly tailored cropped trousers seem like they would be right at home in the 1960s or in modern day Mt. Pleasant. (Topknots and knotted extra-long skinny belts only added to the hipster chic vibe.) Classic-with-a-twist tees and blouses look as though they are meant to be worn next season and beyond. The same could be said of the shorts, collarless jackets, and sun dresses. Indeed, "Exquisitely Slow" is a worthy detour from the land of fast fashion.

Photos by Wayne Mah.

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