Product Review: Tata Harper Skincare

I've been hooked on Tata Harper skincare products since I had the chance to meet Tata Harper herself in September, so this product review will sound like a lot of fangirling. Her all-natural anti-aging skincare line is made in Vermont and full of active ingredients. Hydration boosters like hyaluronic acid plump and firm skin, while gentle exfoliants reveal a glowing complexion with minimal effort. Simply put, these are products that won't harm you and they really work.

After the glowing results of the facial Harper gave me, I was eager to try the Tata Harper skin care regimen I received for review: the Refreshing Cleanser ($82.50), a gentle no-foam cleanser that contains clay and white willow bark to thoroughly cleanse pores and exfoliate; the Hydrating Floral Essence ($71.50), an oil-free, alcohol-free moisturizing toner that refreshes the skin after cleansing and throughout the day; and the Rebuilding Moisturizer ($110), which uses raw honey to protect skin, hyaluronic acid to plump it, and aloe vera, rose water, and floral essences to calm it.

All three products met my expectations and surpassed them. The Refreshing Cleanser smells like an orange Creamsicle and feels rich and moisturizing to the touch. Because it's so gentle and formulated for sensitive skin, I use an eye makeup remover on my eyes and lips and a precleansing product on my face before cleansing. (I also use an organic exfoliating scrub once a week instead of relying on the Refreshing Cleanser alone.) The Hydrating Floral Essence feels cool, refreshing, and altogether delightful when I spritz it on and absorbs quickly. The Rebuilding Moisturizer moisturizes effectively but feels non-greasy to the touch.

After a month of using Tata Harper, I can definitely see and feel a difference. My skin feels softer and firmer and there's less redness. What's more, I have a healthy glow in the mornings even before I put on makeup. These products are pricey, but based on the results (and the fact that they're all-natural), I think they're worth it.

Tata Harper skincare is available at BeautyMark.

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