Toasting 40 Years: Lise Watier's Millésime Fall 2012 Collection

With wine and burgundy hues dominating colour trends this season, it seems only fitting that Lise Watier has launched an entire wine-themed fall makeup collection. Millésime (which, in winemaking parlance, refers to a very good harvest year for grapes resulting in an excellent vintage) comprises a capsule collection of eyeshadows, liners, creme blush, compact foundations, and lip products in deep Cabernet plums and purples. But Millésime is about more than following colour trends; it's also Lise Watier's way of celebrating 40 years in the beauty business and looking ahead to many, many more. So let's raise our wineglasses (and our makeup brushes) as we take a look at a few of the products in the collection.

  • The Eyeshadow Quartet in 'Les Vins' ($36) contains all the shades you need for a subtle bit of colour during the day and a smoky violet eye at night. The shadows are blendable and layer well.
  • The Crayon Kajal ($16) is meant to be used on the inner rim of the lower eyelid for an intense look. That's not usually a place I apply eyeliner so I can't attest to how long-wearing it is, but the pencil feels soft and doesn't drag.
  • For a festive holiday party look, I love the Duo Shadow and Glitter ($25) in 'Plum Star'. The pearl cream eyeshadow doubles as a primer for the micro-glitter. (Bonus: Numbers on the side of the package remind you which product to apply first in case you forget.)
  • Don't let the darkness of the Rouge Gourmand lipstick in 'Shiraz' ($20) intimidate you: the first coat of this creamy, moisturizing formula goes on a sheer berry, and you can layer from there for added intensity.

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