Sneak Peek: Topshop and Topman Inside The Bay

The excitement around the new Topshop and Topman locations inside The Bay downtown has been mounting over the last few weeks. And from what I saw at the media preview and festivities yesterday, the new store (reportedly the largest international Topshop location outside the UK) definitely lives up to the hype. Staffers flown straight from London worked with personnel from The Bay around the clock to put together everything before the October grand opening. The hard work paid off: They transformed an entire floor into a retail space true to Topshop's aesthetic, with neon signs, clusters of impeccably dressed mannequins, and store sections that flow seamlessly into each other. What's more, because this is such a large location, expect a full range of sizes (including petite sizes) for women and an impressive Topman selection.

The store officially opens on Thursday October 18 at 9:30am. (That's today!) Happy shopping, Vancouver! For now, here's a little glimpse of what you can expect to find.

If you're into studded pieces, you're in luck: I spotted plenty of shoes, bags, moto jackets, and vests sporting all sizes and shapes of studs. There's even an entire wall devoted to studded flats and loafers in the shoe section. Burgundy hues were also in abundance.

Masterful black-on-black layering on the mannequins, showing the details and textures of these pieces to full advantage.

Chambray, camo, and one of many great outerwear pieces available.

Lovely black-on-green clutch with cutouts.

My favourite accessories were the accent collars in leather, pearls, and jewel-embellished fabrics, as well as the statement necklaces. I also liked the selection of faux fur earmuffs, hats, and scarves on one wall (so cozy and cute for winter).

My favourite trend story: futuristic 60s. As one Topshop staffer explained, they basically took classic 60s-inspired silhouettes and gave them a futuristic twist. Each section of the store is organized around a different trend story, making it easy to find complementary pieces.

For the gents, expect a more fashion-forward, trend-driven approach to dressing from this London import. The patterned knits (polka dots, Fair Isle-inspired, intarsia) and slim-cut tweed suiting really stood out. The sizes are cut smaller relative to other retailers, making me suspect that more than a few girls will be raiding the guys' section for blazers, jackets, vests, and cardigans.

Shoes. Enough said.


  1. I never knew Topshop sold petit clothing! That makes me want to go visit one right away. Unfortunately, in California, the only place I can look at Topshop clothing is Nordstrom and they don't have any petits. D:

  2. Didn't have the chance to message you earlier after the fabulous evening at the dinner and launch party of Topshop....but I just wanted to say it was sooooo great catching up and chatting with you over dinner! I hope you had a fabulous time Lisa and hope to see you again soon!!



    1. Likewise! Your company made the dinner that much better.

  3. I like the accent collars. My hubby is a fan of Topman so it's time that both he and I go and check it out.


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