Luxury Supercar Weekend 2013

The boy does a lot for me: taking my outfit photos, giving me foot rubs when my shoes hurt, cheerfully ordering takeout when I'm too lazy to cook. So when the chance to attend the Luxury Supercar Weekend fell into my lap, I was definitely game to take him along as my plus one. I'm not much of one for cars, but he was very keen on ogling Porsches, Teslas, and Ferraris while strolling the beautiful grounds of Van Dusen Botanical Gardens on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Turns out this was one of our more inspired dates. For a non-car enthusiast, I had a surprisingly good time learning the different style signatures of each auto-maker: the Porsche's sleek and almost frog-like lines; the Lamborghini's futuristic look and hard edges; the pure sex appeal of the Ferrari's curves. We oohed and aahed over super cars like the Pagani Huayra and the MacLaren, and admired rare vintage vehicles like a navy blue Morgan and a Bentley.

The photos here are just a small sample of what I took that day. For more, see the album on my Facebook page!


  1. Once in a while the spouse and I will go to a car or boat show. I guess it's my thank you for paying the Nordstrom bill :-)


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